The Fight for Marriage, Truth, and Religious Liberty is Just Beginning

It is tempting to view the fight for marriage as being over.  Polls, people will say, suggest a tide of public opinion moving in the direction of jettisoning the age-old definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.  And while the Supreme Court has not said that the Constitution requires same-sex marriage, it has certainly shown an inclination in that direction.

If you are tempted by this kind of defeatist thinking, you need to read Ryan Anderson’s excellent piece at the First Things website: “Calling and Witness, Holiness and Truth.”  To those who say that liberal victories are irreversible, Anderson responds that the current generation is more pro-life than the previous one.  When Roe v. Wade was decided, most people, including many Christians, thought it was fine.  Pro-lifers responded with determined effort, and today the movement is healthier and more influential than it has ever been.  This despite the repeated claims of people on the other side that pro-lifers are the party of the past, destined to be swept away by the tides of so-called progress.  As Anderson’s argument suggest, the truth has a certain staying power and persuasiveness that tends to support and reward its proponents.


These considerations, he suggests, should give hope and determination to the defenders of marriage.  Despite all the deforming influences of propaganda, the evidence of the pro-life movement actually shows that the public can be moved by argument.  And since the argument for marriage has hardly been made, now is the time to start making it with vigor.

In addition, Anderson’s piece is full of great remarks encouraging Christians to embrace the world with confidence, seeking to bring Christ to it and it to Christ.  Here are some of my favorite quotations:

  • “The argument for marriage hasn’t been heard and rejected; it simply hasn’t been heard.”
  • “My generation is more pro-life than my parents’ generation. A majority of Americans identify as pro-life, more today than at any other point. More state laws have been passed protecting unborn babies in the past decade than in the previous 30 years combined.”
  • “Christians need to be at the forefront of everything. At one point Christians were shaping culture—because God became a man, not just a mind. The best literature, the best art, the best music—for over a thousand years—was all produced by Christians: Shakespeare, Dante and Chaucer; Palestrina, Bach and Beethoven. Who do we have today?”
  • “Christians should be at the forefront of every sphere of human life, embodying excellence in all that they do, bringing glory to God in every domain.”
  • “Bad philosophy needs to be answered by good philosophy. Bad science needs to be responded to with good science—this is true with the science of embryology and the social science of marriage. We cannot allow the other side to depict these debates as ones of faith against reason, of backward superstition against enlightened science. This takes work. We have to work twice as hard as our opponents. We have to understand their arguments better than they understand them themselves—so we can then explain, at the level of reason, where they’ve gone wrong.”
  • “If government doesn’t respect religious liberty and the rights of conscience, perhaps it’s because I don’t exercise my religious liberty as I ought, that I don’t follow my conscience as I should. If I don’t take my faith and conscience seriously, it’s no wonder that the government doesn’t either.”
  • “But the marriage debate is just one earthly battle, one among many that the people of God must wage. It is not ours to determine when we will succeed in it, or how. And ultimately, it is of secondary concern. For the only success of ultimate importance is holiness. The only real tragedy in life is not to have been a saint.”
  • “History isn’t a blind force. We aren’t passive observers. History will be shaped by the actions of people like you and me, by our response to God’s call. And so it is not history that will judge us. We know that we will be judged instead by the Lord of history. The same Lord who reversed history’s greatest evil when He rose from the grave the following Sunday.”
  • “There is no right or wrong side of history, but only of truth. The world will not always want to hear the truth, but only the truth will set it free. We owe it to the world to share that freedom, God’s gift to us, in season and out, and always in love.”

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  • Bob

    To compare the ongoing battle over abortion to gay marriage is challenging, to say the least. Regardless of your position on abortion rights, abortion is death. Marriage is love, joy and happiness. Two completely different things.

    • Radek

      Abortion is the rejection of life. It is the rejection of God’s plan. It is human pride saying that we know better than God. Gay marriage is the same thing. No difference at all. It is the rejection of life. It is the rejection of a true union and correct bond that is between a man and a woman. Both must be born man and woman without human interference throughout their lives.

  • Kevin

    I think this is a time to simply point to what Christianity is about: a man, a crucifixion, and a Resurrection. God turned the worst evil into the greatest good ever. At the end of the day, Jesus wins, regardless of what the Supreme Court says.

  • trahoir

    This things happens in France as the political police fight against no-gay marriage people :

    The Political Police Search a Stroller

    “Remove the baby out of the stroller!”…

    Is to silence people a new mission for the Police?

  • Michael

    Raise your hand if you truly, sincerely believe that 10 years from now an abortion in the first trimester will be illegal in the U.S. Twenty years from now? Forty years from now? Raise your hand if you truly, sincerely believe that 10 years from now even one of the 13 states that currently allows same-sex marriage will ban it? Twenty years from now? Forty years from now? Just asking. I truly, sincerely don’t see it happening. A Supreme Court decision striking down state abortion restrictions—-I can see that happening. A Supreme Court decision striking down state laws against same-sex marriage—I can see that happening. The U.S. Congress and 30-something states approving Constitutional Amendments banning first-trimester abortions and banning same-sex marriage—I just don’t see that happening. A Democratic House and Senate passing and a Democratic President signing a “Freedom Of Choice Act” in response to states passing more and more abortion restrictions—I can see that happening. Time (not polls) will tell.

  • Marti Luke

    What are you talking about, Jeremy? How can people who sanction the taking of over 50,000,000 innocent lives be in any way shape or form considered “pro-life” Sorry, Jeremy, regardless of what new age clap trap you may have been fed in your formative years, there are some groups that simply cannot and should not “just get along”.

    • Jeremy

      Marti Luke, I appreciate your response. Pro-choice advocates don’t sanction abortion. They uphold a woman’s right of choice. Why? They believe that taking that right of choice away from women is really a form of death; death in the sense that a woman no longer is allowed to control her own individual destiny. Would you want a law put into place that requires you to lock your children in your home so as to keep them from being abused or bullied? Of course not. Would you want a law that makes teenage driving illegal so as to protect the lives of teenagers put into effect? Of course not. That would take away rights of freedom that your children have. So to with the right of women to determine their own destiny. Outlawing human rights is not the way to solve problems. When human rights are upheld, there will be effects that are not beneficial and we all know that. The way to change those negative effects is to change decisions we as humans make. We must not try to change decisions by making human liberties illegal. The quote “give me liberty or give me death” comes to mind here. Who wants to live a life where individual rights are sanctioned as illegal in the name of safety. Another quote comes to mind and I paraphrase: “He who surrenders liberty in the name of safety deserves neither.”

      • Pamela Nelson

        Jeremy, You have missed the point. What is the one thing that these children and the teenage driving examples you’ve given have in common? LIFE! What does the woman have? LIFE! No woman was ever meant to kill her own child. I know, I’ve counseled TOO many of them. They wish that it had never been an option. They can’t believe the Government made something legal that would hurt them SO much. Most laws protect us, not this one. This isn’t liberty, it is death, for the baby physical death, for the Mom, death to her heart and mind. But, their is spiritual healing for the women, I’ve seen that too, and they would disagree with your idea of liberty.

        • Jeremy

          Pamela Nelson, abortion isn’t caused by making abortion legal. Abortion is caused by unwanted pregnancies that are caused by poor choices. Laws that were put into place to make abortions legal were done so to protect the liberties/freedoms of women and not to increase abortions. Those laws were also put into place to give women the opportunity to have safe abortions rather than “in the alley” abortions. For the same reason, making abortions illegal will not stop abortions because unwanted pregnancies will still occur. The only way to ethically end abortions is to raise our children in a way that helps them make better choices for themselves.

  • Jeremy

    I would agree that the current generation is very pro-life. Pro-choice citizens are very pro-life and pro-life citizens are also very pro-life. It’s too bad that the two groups haven’t yet figured that out yet.

    • Theresa

      Pro-choice citizens are NOT very pro-life. They are pro-selfishness and willingly ignorant of science.

      • Russell

        How so?



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