The Greatest Gift

As Emily observes, there has been some positive media attention recently about young Catholic women putting a new marketing face on the Church’s sexual ethic.

But another powerful media message along the same lines has gone relatively unnoticed.

I was watching the newest Muppets movie with my kids this weekend. The film revolves around a plot where the Muppets have been disbanded for years, Kermit is living alone and the film’s hero Walter seeks out Kermit to plead with him to get the old gang back together to solve a crisis. Kermit is not sure our cyinical world cares about innocent entertainment anymore, and Walter tries to remind him how much the Muppets really meant to so many people.

Walter exclaims, “You give people the greatest gift in the world!”

Kermit responds, immediately and sincerely,


I just about fell out of my chair. The line is played partly for comic value, but the irony is rooted in the fact that Kermit provides the characters real perspective on what they’re talking about.

Children are a gift. The greatest gift.

That’s a message our culture needs to hear, and there are few sources more trusted than Kermit the Frog for us to hear it from.

It reminded me of one of the first messages Blessed John Paul II delivered to the U.S.: “every child is a unique and unrepeatable gift of God.”

I am not surprised that Kermit and Pope John Paul II agree. Now that’s good marketing.



  • Ronald J. Rolling

    And who says it’s not easy being green?

  • Sister

    I watched the new Muppet movie with my community this past weekend as well and had the same thought…The Muppets are Pro-Life!



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