The Grey Lady in the Glass House

It is a good divine that follows his own instructions. ~Shakespeare

On August 15, 2012, Grey Lady, announced the hiring of its new CEO, Mark Thompson, formerly Director General of the BBC.

Thompson started work at the NY Times on November 12,2012 and his hiring is causing pain and discomfort for the Grey Lady.

For 30 years, Mark Thompson served in various jobs at the BBC, and finally as its Chief since 2004. Mark Thompson is a curious choice as President of the NY Times, the American media’s self appointed arbiter of ethics and child protection.   It is looking ‘curiouser and curiouser’ that Thompson’s arrival brought plenty of baggage from across the pond, namely the ghost of Jimmy Savile, the BBC’s prominent TV celebrity.

From the moment of Savile’s death on October 29, 2011, his morbid secrets are being unearthed and the BBC is reeling with charges that its most famous and long time television and radio personality, Jimmy Savile, was a serial child rapist throughout his long career at the BBC.

Despite his popularity and renowned charity, Savile concealed his very dark and depraved conduct. Around the time of his death, BBC reporters were investigating charges that Savile molested underage girls for a BBC documentary.  However, in December, 2011, the expose was suddenly cancelled by a BBC editor before airing.   Thompson who headed the BBC from 2004-2012, was the chief company executive when the investigative program exposing Savile’s child predation was dropped and never aired. Thompson said that he was not involved  in killing the BBC “Newsnight” Savile investigation and claims he never knew about the substance of the allegations against Savile. However, several BBC executives have been forced out over the cancellation of the documentary with charges of coverup at the BBC.   When another media outlet aired its own documentary about Savile in October of 2012, his cover was blown as now some 450 victims have stepped forward alleging that Savile molested them when they were children, some even describing sexual abuse on BBC premises.

Critics charge that BBC covered up Savile’s alleged crimes which police say took place over six decades and were on an “unprecedented scale.” The chief of the Scotland Yard investigation said, Savile was “undoubtedly” one of the most prolific sex offenders in recent British history.

On October 12, 2012, Thompson claimed that “during my time as director general of the BBC, I never heard any allegations about Jimmy Savile.” Interestingly, Thompson’s career at the BBC coincided for  nearly 3 decades with Savile’s career.  Thompson was Director General during the last performance of Savile on the popular BBC program, Top of the Pops, in 2006.

Several British government inquiries are ongoing looking at the following questions:

Did the BBC ignore the rumors of Savile’s predatory behavior with underage girls because he was a star and generated enormous revenue?

Were young children sacrificed on the altar of fame by the BBC?

Was the BBC documentary cancelled because executives were fearful of opening up a pandora’s box of children victimized by Savile?

These questions beg another: Why would the NY Times hire the head of a media empire whose staff buried an expose about one of the most prominent media personalities who was a serial child predator?

Surely, the NY Times learned the many lessons it espoused in its voluminous coverage of the Catholic clergy abuse scandal. Coverups often trump the actual crime.

Recently, the Times’ holier-than-thou drumbeat continued as Frank Bruni, NY Times, Op-Ed columnist penned, “Suffer the Children” published on Sept. 10, 2012, three weeks after the NY Times announcement that Thompson has been appointed its president and CEO. In this NY Times Op-ed Bruni moralizes about the child abuse scandals at the Catholic Church, Penn State and the Boy Scouts:

Just how flagrant does a pedophile need to be before the people around him contact the police?

Now, Mr. Bruni, that is a great question for Mr. Thompson.

Bruni’s editorial lectures institutions, like the Catholic Church, Boy Scouts, and Penn State….

“One is that institutions have a potent impulse to avoid public scandal, and do an execrable job of policing themselves. To protect their reputations or simply to avoid conflict, they minimize even the most destructive behavior. They convince themselves that they can handle it on their own. And they persuade themselves that their mission, be it the inculcation of religious faith or the scoring of touchdowns, trumps the law’s mandates.”

Ah, yes, Mr. Bruni, do those lofty standards apply to the NY Times and to the BBC, Mr. Thompson’s former employer?

Mr. Bruni continues with his sage advice to the minions…

“Another is that for all the lip service that we pay to the preciousness of children and the importance of their futures, they remain the most voiceless members of our society.”

Ah, yes, lip service to the preciousness of children, does that apply to British victims of a media behemoth, the BBC?

Mr. Bruni continues to pontificate…

“Many don’t know or understand what their rights are; many don’t have the maturity or mettle to exercise them. They depend on the vigilance and good faith of adults, which is to say they depend, all too often, on a fiction.”

Ah, yes, vigilance and good faith of adults are critical for those who run companies that make millions from personalities who secretly prey on children, like perhaps the BBC.

“And a third is that we’re as likely to turn away from sexual pathology as confront it. It confounds and discomfits us. It suggests the tenacity of willful ignorance and deliberate evasion, even when the price is nothing less than the ravaged psyches of vulnerable children.”

Well, let’s hope that the NY Times has no employees with a sexual pathology that sexually preys on children.  Was your new boss willfully ignorant or deliberately evasive when it came to Jimmy Savile at the BBC? Will he evade allegations of prominent personalities at the NY Times?

Apparently, this fog of scandal was known to the Board of Directors of the NY Times during the negotiations with Thompson. They were assured by Mr. Thompson that he was totally unaware of Jimmy Savile’s deviate and criminal predilections.

With the media pressure building, this week Arthur Sulzberger, Chairman of the NY Times Board of Directors told Bloomberg News that Chief Executive Mark Thompson’s connection to the BBC’s Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal “hasn’t made things easy.”

Welcome, Mr. Sulzberger, to the challenging world of ethics and the media scrutiny of institutions that compromise child protection.  You should know better.

There sits the Grey Lady in her lofty glass tower, expounding and dictating ethical standards for us all.

There is an old saying, “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

© Elizabeth Yore-2012 All Rights Reserved.

Elizabeth Yore is the former Special Counsel at Harpo, Inc.where she served as Oprah Winfrey’s Child Advocate. She was also the former General Counsel at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children., twitter: @elizabethyore



27 thoughts on “The Grey Lady in the Glass House

  1. davend says:

    Thick irony when a Catholic website accuses a secular organization of covering up the deeds of a sexual predator (a papal knight, no less) and then wants to play the guilt by association game. (By her own logic, if Yore is a Catholic and hasn’t run around exposing the misdeeds of the Catholic hierarchy she must be complicit in sex abuse.) And of course the last line of the piece is the most ironic of all.

    This reads like something from WorldNetDaily.

    1. Randall says:

      “This reads like something from WorldNetDaily.” I know that as a liberal, you intended that to be an insult. But here in the (conservative) reality-based world, that is one of the highest compliments you could have given her. Thanks!

  2. abadilla says:

    Elizabeth, good post and one that makes one wonder. The hypocrisy of the paper is evident. Maureen Dowd has attacked the Church often. One example of the paper’s hypocrisy is the fact that the paper that once defended the memory of Venerable Pius XII, now defame him. “The New York Times” is not only of bastion of liberal America, but it hates the Catholic Church with a pathological passion.
    Notice that your post says absolutely nothing about anti-gay campaigns, discrimination, etc, yet these subjects are brought up to distract a serious reader from what you actually wrote.
    For many trolls here “The New York Times” can dump on the Church all it wants, even when it has no evidence to sunstantiate its charges, but in a Catholic forum you better not defend the Church.
    Mara is back again with her charges against the Church even though those charges have been clarified for her on many occassions. If we follow the line of thought of these trolls, what they are saying is that the Catholic Church should never condemn abuses becuse 1% of it clergy is guilty of that crime.
    Well, now I sit and wait to receive the hate mail which I will promptly delete.

  3. Rob says:

    “There sits the Grey Lady in her lofty glass tower, expounding and dictating ethical standards for us all.

    There is an old saying, “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.””

    The Catholic Church currently employs a Bishop convicted of protecting child sex abusers (Bishop Finn). By the Church’s own laws, Bishop Finn is not eligible to work with children in his own diocese, nor is he actually eligible to be an active priest in his own diocese.

    And not one of the Bishops has said a word about this, nor is Bishop Finn resigning anytime soon. Rather, he just attended the USCCB annual meeting, with full rights as any other Bishop.

    Verily, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and people who write columns for Catholic websites about the sex abuse problems of other organizations should FOLLOW THEIR OWN ADVICE.

    1. Randall says:

      “people who write columns for Catholic websites about the sex abuse
      problems of other organizations should FOLLOW THEIR OWN ADVICE.” Oh I’m sorry Rob, is there an accusation pending against Ms. Yore that I didn’t know about? No? She is a fine upstanding moral Catholic? Well then your argument has no merit. Ms. Yore has every right to call out the liberal hypocrites at the New York Slimes because she is speaking from the moral high ground.

      1. Rob says:

        Randall-if you do not see the irony in a writer for a Catholic website claiming that a writer for an organization is a hypocrite for calling out sex abuse crises in other organizations, because there is a crisis in his own organization; while writing nothing about the current state of affairs in the Church, then there’s really no point in discussing further with you.

  4. GREG SMITH says:

    Dear Elizabeth ~ As an attorney, I’m surprised you indulged in such unsupported claim of guilt by association. Mr. Saville was a Papal Knight, Should we now pillory the Pope and Vatican leadership? Many, many of our priests served with child molesters, sometimes living in the same rectory. are all of them guilty of a cover up?

    As for Mr. Bruni, he is an allei in the fight against child exploitation. Why do you not embrace him rather than try to smear him by hinting that he is somehow compromised by the Saville / BBC scandal. – Pax tecum, Greg

    1. Randall says:

      No, Mr. Bruni is only interested in tearing down the Catholic Church, and used the fake child abuse scandal as a convenient straw man. Note that he has not penned a similar article against Saville. What’s good for the goose is apparently not good for the gander.

  5. Trey says:

    For years, the Catholic Church has diverted money from our general collections to fund political campaigns against gay people. These anti-gay campaigns are managed by groups that admitted that they wanted to “fan the flames of hostility” against gay people. They began with a commercial claiming gay people were a “gathering storm” and a “threat” to others. The Catholic Church has given these anti-gay hate groups over $15 million dollars of our tithes in the last few years alone, and millions more remains hidden from public disclosure laws. These were monies intended to help others, but they have been used to wage a hate filled political battle against a minority instead.

    We will be embarrassed when the depth of our church’s involvement comes to light. That our church funded these campaigns of hate and discrimination will be a black stain on our religion forever.

    1. Randall says:

      Attention Soros-funded troll: This article has nothing to do with the gays. It is about exposing the unabashed hypocrisy of the liberal lamestream MSM media as well as their criminally perverse ideals. I know that, as a liberal, you’re barely functioning at the level of a drooling retard. But at least try to pay attention and stay on topic, even while trolling.

      Also, moderators, I would suggest that you delete the above comment and IP ban the poster. The anti-Catholic trolls are just starting to copy and paste from other threads in an effort to derail discussions. This thread should be solely about the evils of the media and how the Obama administration is complicit in them. Thank you.

      1. Greg Smith says:

        Would everyone please pick a “handle” (or better yet use their real names) and stick to it. These “one timers” and impersonating someone else makes dialoge impossible.

        1. Trudy R. says:

          Agreed. I’m tired of this Randall/Abadila/Catherine troll that continuously claims that everyone commenting is funded by George Soros. Most Catholics just disagree with anti-gay bigotry and are upset that our bishops have decided to take our money and use it for anti-gay political campaigns. I just recently had to stop donating to our church because some of my money was going to these hateful campaigns.

          1. Randall says:

            Hmmm… sounds like something a paid Soros troll would say, to keep the heat off. Something tells me you’ve never donated a dollar in your life to the RCC, whether you’re a shill or not. At best you are a Katholyk and your church wouldn’t miss you if you left.

          2. GREG SMITH says:

            Randall – I’ve looked at the Soros website and I can’t find where to apply for a paid troll position. Is it possible that no such thing exists and people just post here because they feel strongly about the issues and want to argue their positions? – Greg

          3. abadilla says:

            And notice the troll can’t even spell my name correctly!

          4. Randall says:

            Trolls are idiots abadilla, just ignore them.

    2. Mara says:

      It’s hard to believe that a writer on this site would point fingers about the sexual abuse of children. The cover-up by the Catholic Church will go down as one of the greatest abuses of children the world has ever known. One Priest on EWTN actually said, when discussing the abuse cover-up, that America gets the Priests it deserves, meaning that American children deserved to get Priests that raped them.

      1. Another Unpaid Troll says:

        This is the most ridiculous article I’ve ever read on this site, and there have previously been some doozies (and no doubt many more to come). The guy was bestowed a Papal Knighthood by the pope himself in 1990 after quite a few allegations had already been made about his dalliances with children. And you’re trying to pass off responsibility to Obama (who you folks blame for everything) and the NY Times. What nonsense! Don’t you think twice about writing and putting this stuff out on the internet. And, Randal, it’s shameful making such a reference to a “drooling retard.”

      2. abadilla says:

        Mara, “One Priest on EWTN actually said, when discussing the abuse cover-up, that America gets the Priests it deserves, meaning that American children deserved to get Priests that raped them.” Of course that’s the way you would interpret the priest’s words but what is surprising to me is that you actually watch EWTN.

        1. Mara says:

          abadilla, I don’t watch EWTN anymore. That Priest was so full of hate for America and American children that I could only shake my head and do whatever I could to inform as many people as possible.

          1. Randall says:

            There are no hate-filled Catholic priests. There are apparently, however, plenty of commentators on Catholic websites who have nothing but hate for straight, capitalist, pro-life Catholics. As you well know.

    3. mominvermont says:

      The Catholic Church urges everyone to treat homosexuals with dignity and respect. The Church is NOT “anti-gay.”

      If you are talking about same sex marriage, the Church opposes SSM because it denigrates gender and procreation. SSM is a lie which says gender complementarity is irrelevant in marriage. Homosexuals deserve the truth.

  6. Randall says:

    More hard evidence that the liberal mainstream MSM media is complicit in the normalization of sexual deviance in American culture. They hired a known sexual predator to be in charge of their operations. Organizations that castigate others on their sexual behaviors, all the while performing illegal perversions and knowingly covering up their own crimes, should be dissolved and their leaders imprisoned. I’m looking at YOU, Grey Lady. Cradle of filth and spreader of lies. Now watch Obozo give this dunce a Pulitzer Prize. Ridiculous.

    1. Rob says:

      Yeah, any organization that keeps those convicted of aiding and abetting sexual crimes towards children around to be in charge of their operations must be complicit in the normalization of sexual deviance in American culture.

      Bishop Finn, anyone?

      1. Randall says:

        Bishop Finn was railroaded by liberal activist judges. His conviction is a lie and we will fight for it to be overturned.

        1. Rob says:

          Randall: out of curiosity, what evidence presented at the trial was fraudulent?

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