The ignored controversy at CPAC

Senator Tim Scott, R-SC

Senator Tim Scott, R-SC

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is the nation’s largest conservative conference. Every spring, thousands of political conservatives descend on Washington to listen to conservative luminaries and prospective Presidential candidates. The roster of participating groups never fails to generate a significant amount of controversy within the conservative movement. In years past, the inclusion of the gay group GOProud caused concern among some social conservatives. This year’s main controversy was the fact that the group American Atheists was at first granted – then later denied – a booth in the exhibit hall.

Receiving considerably less scrutiny is the content of the panels at CPAC. This is something that should concern social conservatives far more than whether or not a potentially hostile group gets one of the 100 booths in the exhibit hall. And sadly this year’s CPAC offers precious little that is of specific interest to social conservatives. This year’s CPAC includes more than 20 panels on a range of interesting topics including the IRS, gun rights, and Obamacare. However, during the three day conference there are no panels specifically dealing with the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, or religious liberty issues.

CPAC has always had a “pay to play” reputation. And in recent years libertarian groups have stepped up their involvement with the annual conference. That said, CPAC has always promoted itself as a conference where conservatives from a range of perspectives could engage ideas. Furthermore, each of the past 3 years there was at least one panel dealing with pro-life issues. For instance, last year’s CPAC included a panel entitled “The Pro-Life Fight: 40 Years After Roe v. Wade.” which included Marjorie Dannenfelser from Susan B. Anthony List and Tim Goeglein from Focus on the Family. However, the absence of panels of interest to social conservatives this year is disheartening. This is an issue that deserves far more attention from conservative activists.


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  • Leticia Velasquez

    msP it took generations of advocacy and a civil war to abolish slavery in Europe and the US but it was a fight worth the effort. The reason it took so long is that society had made up its mind that Africans were not fully human. Science has recently proved to anyone who has an objective mind that the unborn child is exactly the same in genetic makeup as the born child, the only difference is level of development and location. Someday we will convince most of American this, until then, we press on.

    • Eric Johnson

      It’s always important to work on the causes of a problem and not the effects. The cause of abortion is unwanted pregnancy. The cause of unwanted pregnancy are the issues to work on. If we keep our focus on the effects, in this case, abortion, then abortion will never go away. “An ounce of prevention…………..”

  • Bob

    No law was passed 40 years ago to legalize abortion. The legislature was bypassed by the courts. Murder, legal or not, has been occurring since the dawn of mankind, but it is still murder. Safe abortions do not exist, since the baby is always killed, and substantially more than half of the women killed in abortion globally are women. The reason I do not feel it is a waste of time to focus on abortion is that it is an ATROCITY. It is the widespread murder of millions of innocent lives. It is not a political issue.

    • Alex

      Couldn’t agree more. Abortion is BY FAR the biggest issue of our time. Nothing else comes close. I don’t see any problem with basing my entire vote on this single issue!

  • faithandfamilyfirst

    It appears that we are heading for a 3-party system — libs (who are liberal on both economic and social issues), economic conservatives, and social conservatives. Unfortunately, I am afraid that the libs currently outnumber either conservative group alone. Only by combining their forces do the conservatives have any hope of winning. But that dream appears out of reach at the moment. I will not support a “conservative” who does not first and foremost support the right to life and the sanctity of marriage. It looks like America really will become Europe Across the Sea.

    • S Romero

      I agree with your response. We have been becoming Europe for sometime now. If we ever have the opportunity to un-do this disaster it will take years to turn the ship around!

  • Mary G. Smith

    I think part of the problem are the appellations “social conservative” and “social issues.” Somehow it makes the issues and the people concerned with them to be less serious and maybe even less intelligent. The fact is the right to life is the most fundamental of all rights and everything else, war, economics, immigration, taxes, everything should be informed by that right. No branch of government should be able to define at which point and under what circumstances a person has the right to life. It is granted by God, not the government. Those people who wish to relegate this to a “social issue” or refer sneeringly to those who take this seriously as “one issue voters” simply don’t understand the truth. Perhaps those of us who do understand had better consider and refinethe language we use to talk about our positions. We can’t allow issues to be laid aside on the basis that they are just social issues.

  • msP

    This is so typical of conservatives. You tried 40 something times to repeal something that was already a law with Obamacare and now you think it’s important to be battling a law PASSED FORTY YEARS AGO? Why aren’t you more concerned about literally anything else? There are so many other problems, many that your own party has caused, but we need to keep worrying about our “religious freedoms being taken away” (spoiler alert: they’re not) and gay marriage corrupting our youth and country (spoiler alert: it isn’t). As far as abortions are concerned, people have been getting abortions, legal or not, for THOUSANDS OF YEARS – all you will do by decreasing SAFE access to abortions for women is end up with more dead women on your hands. But as a party that seems to never have the interest of women or minorities in mind, that doesn’t surprise me. What I don’t get is why you are comfortable WASTING time on topics that have been decided long ago. It always amazes me how the party of “less government involvement” wants to use the government to force themselves inside women’s vaginas and into the private lives of citizens. Please explain to me why worrying about abortions and gay marriage is more important than worrying about the economy, jobs, civil rights, etc. I honestly want to know how you can justify wasting time on these issues when there are so many real and tangible things that need to be dealt with and are not getting adequate attention because of these red herring issues.

    I completely agree with Republic fiscal policies but will never vote Republican until they change their hateful and bigoted attitudes. Are the votes of thousands of young, intelligent people really worth throwing away in exchange for this endless discussion of polarizing topics?

    I would rather see this country run into the ground with everyone having the freedoms they deserve than vote Republican because of people just like the author of this post.

    • RLM

      Typical liberal arrogance and dismissiveness. You say we should not worry about “religious freedoms being taken away”. “Spoiler Alert”: Tell that to the numerous conscientious business owners who have lost, or are at risk of losing, their businesses because they are being forced by the government to violate their consciences. You say we should worry about the economy but if these business owners are forced to shut down, wouldn’t that effect the economy? It most definitely would, at least the economies of those who work there. You ask why conservatives are so worried about these social issues. News flash: Few conservatives would be worried about these issues if it weren’t for liberal and secular extremists first leading the charge on these very same issues! You ask, why do conservatives want to force government into women’s vaginas, yet fail to recognize that it is liberals that are doing that by having the government force businesses and religious organizations to pay for women’s birth control and abortions. If you really believe the government should be out of women’s vaginas, surely you would agree that this does the exact opposite. Finally, you state that women have been getting abortions for “THOUSANDS OF YEARS”, as if that were sufficient justification. Well, new flash, people have been committing murder and theft for thousands of years too and we don’t allow that.

    • JKL

      msP, you will get your wish but remember the old adage: “be careful what you wish for because you may get it”. America is in decline and the democrats/liberals are running it into the ground. Life is hard and getting harder by the day. It is not the America it was 20 years ago. Good luck with that! We will all suffer and the millenials will suffer the most. The freedoms of which you speak will not make life any more bearable when so many are suffering and struggling. One day your generation may wake up and realize all the freedoms you have lost and how the liberal media brainwashed you into believing their propaganda. God help us all but when we remove Him from America, we shouldn’t wonder when he doesn’t answer our cries for help.

  • Travis

    Too bad the greatest evil of our time cannot make it to the floor of conservative discussions on the state of our country.

    • MM

      Good way to put it!



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