The Invitation Is Out: Please Come Home

Anything Catholic first and foremost has to do with the Eucharist.

And so here we are. Remembering. Walking along the Way. Receiving.

Earlier this week, Pope Benedict XVI extended an invitation:

After being made man in obedience to the Father, the Son of God, being in everything like us except for sin (cf. Hebrews 4:15), accepted fulfilling his will to the end, to face for love of us his Passion and Cross, to make us sharers in his Resurrection, so that in him and through him we can live forever, in consolation and peace. Hence, I exhort you to receive this mystery of salvation, to take part intensely in the Easter Triduum, the culmination of the whole liturgical year and a moment of particular grace for every Christian. I invite you to seek in these days recollection and prayer, to be able to accede more profoundly to this source of grace. In connection with this, given the imminent festivities, every Christian is invited to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation, a moment of special adherence to the death and resurrection of Christ, to be able to participate with greater fruitfulness in Holy Easter.

It’s already been noted here of the blessing of new Catholics this year. Despite bad press. Despite bad witness.

But Catholics can also come home. If you’ve been aware, for whatever reason, you’re welcome. And it’s not, frankly, the pope’s invitation, a priest’s invitation. It’s from The Way, the Truth, and the Life Himself, for you.

Whatever it is, consider a return today. The mercy and love He offers in the Sacraments are more powerful than any offense, any injury, any sin and evil.

As the priest at the Mass I attended Thursday night exclaimed: Remember what He did for you!

He still does it. He still offers us more than any of us can ever achieve with the mere power and riches of this world.

Come. Despite human failing! Because of human failing!

He has mercy on us. And on the whole world.

(Photos here and in the next post are courtesy of my Blackberry, circa last June.)



  • bythesound

    My Mom has been leaving the following brochure in our church, Top Ten Reasons to Come Back to the Catholic Church:

    It is available from Our Sunday Visitor (OSV). The brochures keep disappearing, so she keeps having to order more!

    • Donald J Chakras

      Page is blank

  • Mary

    Shouldn’t this: ” If you’ve been aware, for whatever reason, you’re welcome.” read “If you’ve been away….” not aware.

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