The Media Will Never Report What Pope Francis Just Said



In a startling coincidence, every progressive Catholic media outlet and every mainstream Vatican correspondent was out sick today.

All of them.  Down with the flu.  On the same day.

How else to explain the complete and utter absence of any reporting by these sources on what Pope Francis said today during his general audience?

But maybe they aren’t really home in bed, wrapped in a blankey and surrounded by wadded up kleenex and old issues of People magazine.  Maybe they’re fit as a fiddle, and they have a different, more purposeful, reason for ignoring what the Pope said.  Maybe they realize that his words today don’t fit into their narrative of who they want him to be, and that frightens them.

Maybe they’re hoping that if they don’t cover it, the world won’t hear it.

So what scares them so much?  What did Pope Francis say?

“Go to Confession.”

It’s a shame, because what the Pope said about Confession today was really quite beautiful, and I suspect that many of those who have been hoping that Francis would “lead the Church away from such things” would find it beautiful as well, if they allowed themselves to get past the headline and read what he said.

They might even be persuaded to re-think their dislike for the Sacrament and embrace it.

In his comments, the Pope reminds us that Confession comes straight from Jesus…

“The Sacraments of Penance and Reconciliation […] flow directly from the Paschal mystery…In fact, the same evening of Easter the Lord appeared to the disciples, closed in the Cenacle, and, after addressing to them the greeting ‘Peace be with you’, he breathed on them and said: ‘Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven.’”

…and that when we sin, it isn’t just between us and God…

“Someone may say: ‘I confess only to God.’ Yes, you can tell God: ‘Forgive me’, and say your sins,” he said. “But our sins are also against the brothers, against the Church, and for this it is necessary to ask forgiveness to the Church and to the brothers, in the person of the priest.”

…and that no matter how ashamed we feel, we shouldn’t be afraid…

“Do not be afraid of Confession!  One who is in line to confess himself feels all these things – even shame – but then, when he finishes confessing, he leaves free, great, beautiful, forgiven, […] happy. And this is the beauty of Confession.”

The Pope concluded by encouraging those who had been away from Confession, whether for two weeks or 40 years, to return to the Sacrament:

“Jesus is there…and He receives you with so much love.”

Good advice for all of us.

And now of course I feel guilty for judging all those sick reporters.

I hope they get better soon.

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  • Kelley Cutler

    Petty and divisive article… and an example of why I avoid Catholic media. What Pope Francis was saying about Confession isn’t conservative or progressive… it’s Catholic. And it was quite beautiful. He was talking about what a gift Confession is… so I don’t know why you chose to turn this into a tool of negativity.

    • Bob

      Granted, the Church and its teachings are on a different plane than politics; but in my experience it’s the more “liberal”-minded Catholics who have abandoned Confession, and the more “conservative”-minded Catholics who still embrace it.

    • Theresa

      His point is, important news is being hidden. Do you deny this?

    • Antonio A. Badilla

      Kelley, how is the article petty and divisive? By the way, if you are feeling too comfortable with the culture and the faith isn’t telling you something, then your Catholic faith is useless, and yes, the Church is supposed to be divisive if we understand that both Christ and His Church are signs of contradiction.

  • Jerry Ortiz

    Everything the Pope says is news worthy. He brings the Good News. Unfortunately some with ears refuse to listen because they have hardened hearts and only consider what selfishly they consider important (themselves) without considering the other. Maybe, if many would stop and actually listen to the message the world would not be in the state it is in. Please pray for Venezuela.

    • Norminha

      Praying for Venezuela, Ucraine, Egypt, and all places where satan is like a ferocious dragon, persecuting the children of God, wit its wicked agendas.


    Right on…but you forgot lost puppies, I think we also have to bring in the Pope and the lost puppies thing. And absolutely, just because Catholics will, under the HHS mandate and Obama Care, have to help fund abortions and abortifacients through insurance programs, doesn’t mean they can’t practice their Faith…in fact it will give them more to pray about. You would think they would be thanking us.

    Jay (Puppy Helper) Swindler

    • Norminha

      Are you comparing apples to oranges in your reasoning?
      So, What about INNOCENT CHILDREN IN THE WOMB? Aren’t you -created in the image and likeness of God- more valuable than puppies? Puppies are also a gift from God to His creatures and for that reason, we must protect and defend the puppies from any type of abuse, but do not FORGET, please, that one human life is more important than zillions of puppies. Let’s be active defending the innocent from being DISMEMBERED like a chicken, with the blessings of the hhs “mandate”, inside what it should be the safest place on earth -his mother’s womb.

  • Tony Lester

    So I am to confess to a church that represents God on Earth, that from its inception has nothing but kill and torture people in the name of GOD. It has also covered up the crime of its priests and even its financial crimes. It has also taken the money of the poor, and given hope in return… Ok, I am going to confess, when the Holy Roman Catholic Church confesses to its sins. Pope Francis, give the money to the poor, close the church and prevent another 1000 years of horror.

    • Nick

      Yes, you are to confess to a priest within the Roman Catholic Church. The same Church that is the most charitable organization in the world. A Church that Jesus Christ founded 2000 years ago to continue to spread the message of the Good News. Yes there have been people within the Church who have done even terrible things. That means that people do bad things, we all know that. All people do bad things, and in the history of the world there has been more torture and killing done by people who are outside the Church from whatever walk of life they are. Killing countless people within the Church for their faith. That does not excuse what some people have done as members or even leaders in the Church, but it tosses your argumentation on its ear. The Church Christ founded and promised would never have the gates of hell prevail against her still stands today, in spite of the people who have even been her leaders at times doing bad things. More evidence that it is not just human institution but established and maintained by the Holy Spirit. A Church that is filled with sinful people who are constantly on need of conversion, but can be called to conversion because it is Christ who sets up the parameters of how we are to live and so there is a message that is crystal clear that calls us to conversion. The same message that is preached to all people all over the world, but some will rationalize it away in their own minds so that they then can say to themselves that they don’t have to listen to the message. That does not make the message any less valid, just that it has fallen on ears that refuse to listen. Perhaps because they have been hurt in their lives and are in need of healing. Which becomes sad because they are then closed off to the thing that could bring them that healing.

    • Antonio A. Badilla

      Tony, leave your hatred of the Church behind. No one is keeping you in the Church by force. Don’t let the door hit your butt on your way out. If you feel this way about the Church, then you are not a true son of the Church. Christ never claimed the Church would be perfect, but it is His Church.

  • M Haitz

    Surely, part of the reason that the media don’t report what Pope Francis says is that he often deliberately says nothing.

    Consider what the veteran journalist Sandro Magister just reported:

    …”But he [Pope Francis] never proclaims Church teaching out loud at a moment when the dispute over an issue has become heated.

    He has kept quiet now that the euthanasia of children has been permitted by law in Belgium. He keeps himself apart from the millions of citizens of every faith who in France and in other countries are opposing the dissolution of the idea of the family made up of father, mother, and children. He has remained silent after the unprecedented affront of the UN report.”

    read the whole thing here:

    • Theresa

      He is not silent. Your news source is.

  • Joe

    Does God exist? I would have to say yes. There are more than enough miracles to so call prove that God exist, but the media never reports on it. One example that’s not really an example, but I think is a tad funny and sad at the same time is when Hillary Clinton went to Guadalope. While she was in front of the Our Lady’s image she told the Bishop, “that is nice, who painted it.” Of course we all know that God painted it. Another miracle is the sun in Fatima seen by over 60,000 people. Even though God gives us countless miracles, He wants us to love Him as his children. I think what Pope Francis said about confession is very true, and I wishes all media outlets reported on it. But in reality they don’t and won’t quote to much of what the Pope says. If all Catholics truly lived out there faith as Christ showed us then the world would be a much better place. The fact of the matter is Jeaus was a real person. Who really died, and really rose from the dead. He really started the Catholic Church with St. Peter as our first pope up until Francis. Yes the Churh is controlled by humans on earth and that is where the downfall to it is. Because not a single human on earth is perfect. The Church feeds the most poor daily, educates the millions of children, run countless hospitals, and missionary sites. The Catholic Church is by far the best organization on Earth with more than 1.2 billion people, that my friends is unarguable. But there is more to Catholic Church, like it’s faith which is so beautiful and absolutely amazing. Yes, God does exist. Be proud to be Catholic, but more importantly be proud to know that you are a child of the one true God. God bless all of y’all catholic, non catholic christian, and atheists. I love all of y’all and I will be praying for y’all. By the way I am only 17 years old.



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