The Myth That Left-Wingers Are Pro-Science

The political Left is never shy about praising about its own virtues, and one of the qualities they love the most about themselves is their alleged commitment to science. It makes them feel drastically superior to the ignorant rubes that are too busy clinging to guns and religion to see true scientific progress.

Al Gore is very comfortable preaching about his love for science, but his lifestyle decisions tell us he doesn't believe his own rhetoric

Let’s for the moment set aside whether faith and science are incompatible (they are clearly not, as Catholic thinkers from St. Thomas Aquinas to Blessed John Paul II have demonstrated). Let’s instead ask whether the Left is really as smitten with science as it claims.

Authors Alex Berezow and Tom Campbell push their new book Science Left Behind, in which they take the modern left wing to task of a variety of anti-science postures. The two we could most obviously list here would be their refusal to deal with the reality of ultrasound images of the unborn and what they should mean for the debate over legalized abortion.

We might also remind everyone of the 2009 “ClimateGate” incident, where internal e-mails came out from the prominent global warming proponent, Climatic Research Institute and showed they were effectively cooking the data to make it appear global warming was much more evident than it actually is. Apparently among the self-proclaimed mavens of science, data is more in danger of being cooked than the planet is.

Call me naïve, but I always thought the premise of science was a rigid search for the facts and not merely pre-supposing conclusions. As the ClimateGate episode underscored, those that claim a “pro-science” posture, are really just taking a “pro-left-wing” posture and then using the tactics of ridicule and exclusion to make sure competing voices never get heard. Is there anything less scientific than that?

In the end, the ultimate proof that the Left does not believe in its own theories comes in evidence of their lives. Wealthy liberal celebrities who give speeches about global warming make no effort to tone down their lifestyle. Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi freely jet around the world without regard to fuel consumption.

In all of these cases it’s entirely their prerogative and I bear them no ill will for doing that—but please stop pretending you really believe the nonsense you’re peddling about “the consensus of the scientific community.”

Dan Flaherty is the author of Fulcrum, an Irish Catholic novel set in postwar Boston with a traditional Democratic mayoral campaign at its heart, and he is the editor-in-chief of



  • sparch

    Part of embracing science is the willingness to allow data to be examined and re evaluated through a scientic process by others. The man made climate change fear mongers refuse to allow this to happen. This is why it was so devastating that Micheal Mann (et al) did not share their scientific data. It was later revealed that data was not consistant with the conclusions.

    Al Gore says he will debate anyone about man made global warming in a public forum. Yet after numerous attempts, he has refused all of them. Curious



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