The New Seamless Garment

Being a Catholic in public life is simply being a Catholic. From a conversation I had with Thad McCotter, congressman from Michigan, this week:

LOPEZ: How does being Catholic affect how you approach public life?

REPRESENTATIVE MCCOTTER: Ultimately, our life shall be measured as a whole. Thus, I do not muse on how being a Catholic affects my public life; I think about how being a Catholic affects my entire life. I do not compartmentalize my Catholicism.

LOPEZ: How do you make sense of the fact that we’ve had two back-to-back House speakers who are Catholic, who are so different?

REPRESENTATIVE MCCOTTER: Speaking of compartmentalization, Speaker Pelosi represented the errant thinking that material redistribution compelled by the state was the primary pursuit of a Catholic politician — indeed that it was superior to the protection and preservation of innocent human life. Speaker Boehner represents the correct understanding that the protection and preservation of innocent human life is the primary pursuit of a Catholic politician, and that this virtuous duty forms the foundation for just relations between individuals and with institutions.



  • eamon

    so which of the half million arabs killed in iraq was Speaker Boehner so concerned about? What a joke! Pro Life? Not so much. The thing GOP/any for Israel party has been successful at one thing, evicting Christians from the Middle East.

  • Kristen

    We need more representatives like Thad in Washington!

  • Ellen

    Kathryn, I really enjoy your posts and your thoughtful questions. I hope you’ll stay on and continue your writing!

  • Jim Kalp

    Refreshing…..a Catholic politician who is not afraid to wear his Catholicism on his sleeve…..a true 24/7 Catholic…, has he got anything planned for 2012?



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