The Obligatory Christie Post

The firestorm threatening to engulf Chris Christie reminds us that, as important as principles and positions are, basic competence and attention to the common good matter too. As they should! Actions speak loudest, not words.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 2.05.37 PMWhatever Christie’s involvement in or knowledge of the bridge closure scandal, his aides have revealed themselves to be mendacious bullies who saw everything –including children on their way to school– as political pawns. Politics is not everything, and whatever it is, it means serving those who are not in government. The implicated aides all deserve to be fired, and more.

And whoever wins the 2016 Republican nomination for President ought to be someone with some credibility and track record when it comes to being tough on government employee corruption.

What’s your reaction to the Christe troubles?


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  • Daniel

    I live in New Jersey and am a conservative Republican. Yet, I cannot stand Christie. He (and by extension his staff) are self serving political bullies. With him it’s politics first, principals and people last. I believe Christie’s statement that he did not know about the bridge closure, but he does set the political and moral tone. He set the tone when he spent $21million of New Jersey taxpayer money to have a statewide special election on October 16, 2013, just two weeks before the general election, so that his Democratic political ally, Corey Booker, could win the US Senate seat. He stabbed the Republican party, and the pro-life Phil Lonnegan in the back, to have an ally that will help him carry the state in the 2016 election. His aide learned manipulation straight from the master manipulator.
    The only consolation we in New Jersey have is that now the rest of the country knows what goes on here.

  • Todd Flowerday

    Even if he didn’t know, he’s responsible. 1. He’s the boss. 2. He hired the people. If he didn’t know, he’s a poor judge of character. Is that a good quality for a political executive appointing people to important public positions?

  • Thomas J. Brown

    What was even worse was when President Obama closed parks, roads and services to make his political points.
    When budgets are cut and yet their is a small increase in funding, why do we need to close anything? And why do journalist NOT ASK AND WRITE ABOUT THIS?

  • Antonio A. Badilla

    Did anyone notice the Obama Administration, in less than 24 hours, decided to “investigate” this matter while other important events like Benghazi have never been investigated by the Attorney General. Christie fired the culprit immediately, but Obama has not fired anyone involved in any scandal, and there has been plenty in this “transparent” administration. Gee, does anyone smell politics on this whole debacle or is it just me? Is it that morality is expected by the American people only coming from one side? What does that say about justice? In “Fast and Furious” and at “Benghazi” people actually died, and we are still waiting for the investigation. No one died at the bridge, but of course, we must have a Federal investigation. Christie is the only one who has a chance to defeat Mrs. Clinton so is time to smear him to make sure that doesn’t happen in 2016. Gee, I better stop, I’m getting too cynical!

  • Kathy Voorhees

    A lot can happen behind your back and he should have been aware of it. However, he DID take responsibility and took immediate action unlike our president who blames others for things happening….

  • Lea Black

    He is the 1st Pro-life poliyician who also has the good credentials to come along in a very long time! I am with him. The media will not deter me!



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