The Obligatory Christie Post

The firestorm threatening to engulf Chris Christie reminds us that, as important as principles and positions are, basic competence and attention to the common good matter too. As they should! Actions speak loudest, not words.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 2.05.37 PMWhatever Christie’s involvement in or knowledge of the bridge closure scandal, his aides have revealed themselves to be mendacious bullies who saw everything –including children on their way to school– as political pawns. Politics is not everything, and whatever it is, it means serving those who are not in government. The implicated aides all deserve to be fired, and more.

And whoever wins the 2016 Republican nomination for President ought to be someone with some credibility and track record when it comes to being tough on government employee corruption.

What’s your reaction to the Christe troubles?


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  • Patty Bennett

    I wish him a happy retirement from public life. After this, there is no reason to think he’d ever have a chance to win an election. No sense in wasting any effort to get the nomination.
    Now, if he were a pro-abortion Democrat, that’d be another story…

  • Daniel

    The news is out the Christi’s administration is withholding Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds from Hoboken (my old town) because Hoboken’s mayor will not select a real estate developer favored by Christi.
    He, and his people are bullies that use their power, and the people’s resources to enhance their power and control. Don’t blame the media. You can blame the gubernatorial narcissist. With Christi, it’s all about me, me, me.



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