The Petition for the Chicago Declaration, Now Available On-Line

You can sign the Chicago Declaration here.

At a time when Religious Freedom at the very heart of our nation, is under attack, we agree to stand together to affirm our support for, and belief in, our United States Constitution. We also agree to take action to inform and educate those around us that the rights of all, especially those rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, must be preserved.

We declare with our Founding Fathers and generations of Americans, that we are a free people and that this freedom is a gift from God, creator of human nature, and this freedom is also an inherent right in us as human beings.

We declare that the Religious Freedom established in our nation is for all people, all religions, and all faiths. This openness to all is rooted in natural law as exemplified in the Judeo-Christian foundations of our United States Constitution. To steward the nation and future generations into a tomorrow of stable and sustained human flourishing, we must honor this heritage personally and publicly.

We declare that Religious Freedom is the indispensable means of ensuring the hopeful vitality of our people and Constitutional Republic, and to lose it is to lose the heart of the nation and the Republic itself.

We declare that, regrettably, over the course of the 20th century, our nation’s exceptional heritage has been progressively obscured, distorted and undermined, so that today it is increasingly absent in the national culture. Our Religious Freedom is under attack and the grave consequences of its increasing diminishment are already evident.

We declare our opposition to the movements and ideologies that have attacked our freedoms. Most specifically, we declare our opposition to the Health and Human Services (HHS) Mandate and its directives that attack the very core of our First Amendment rights. We seek the repeal of this mandate.

Therefore, we call for all people to take strategic actions to reclaim our destiny as a nation to be a shining example of Religious Freedom. In recognizing the unique and indispensable role of religion in our society and in the development of people, we affirm the positive good that religion plays in resisting vice and degradation, and in building virtue and a more noble humanity. In this way, we will be fulfilling our duty to God and thus respecting all those whom He has created. In God we trust.

You can sign the Chicago Declaration here.



  • Greg B

    The propaganda ministry of the Democratic Party fuels the deception that fills our country. Jesus called Satan a liar. We need to pray the God gives discernment to those who watch, listen to, or read the news so that the truth might prevail. God Bless America.

  • Greg B.

    The right of an individual to worship freely is not the same as the right of an organization to deny certain types healthcare to its employees. This whole meme is nothing but an absurd attempt to denigrate the President and, once again, paint Catholics as victims.

    • Bob L

      The right to religious freedom is not just the right to “worship freely”, but to be free from regulations that override one’s religious beliefs without a serious common good. Inexpensive birth control is widely available; abortifacient pills like Plan B are NOT birth control; bodily mutilation like vasectomies and tubal ligation (when not done for legitimate health reasons) are ELECTIVE and should not be paid for by insurance.

      This President denigrates himself, stating on the Tonight Show that “Rape is rape”, yet not having his Justice Department prosecute Planned Parenthood for aiding and abetting statutory rape; stating in front of the U.N. that “There are no words that excuse the killing of innocents” yet he will allow no restrictions on abortion, going so far as to have voted against providing care to infants for alive after failed abortions.

  • Alexis

    This site accepted a $10,000 donation in 2010 from a group that to promised they would “fan hostility against blacks and gays”. That is hateful.

    • Alexis

      I cannot prove this charge, of course, but when Equality Matters tells me what to think, I darn well think it! They give me the “talking points” and I reshash it over and over ad nauseum.

  • BufordJr.

    Stand for Religious Freedom. Time for Obama to go.

  • Papal Marriage Laws

    Chicago politics have always been very dirty.

  • Papal Marriage Laws

    I wouldn’t put my name on this crazy mess of propaganda.



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