The Pill: 50 Years of Screwing Up Nature. We Need the FFPA!

Cigars, Cigarettes, Birth-control pills? An ad with three carcinogenic, erm, treats.

(Click for larger view) The macabre humor here, we now know, is that all three are equally likely to cause cancer.

What happens when you introduce a massive amount of chemicals into an intricately balanced biological system, with the express intent of radically screwing up how that delicately designed system works?

Well, first and foremost you should expect the EPA to go medieval on you.

Except that the primary biological system in question here is the female body, so “choice” trumps the protection of pristine nature.

Pristine nature, like the male fish that are being feminized by the massive amounts of estrogen introduced into our water ways by women using birth control.

Pristine nature, like women’s breasts that are 60% more likely to develop cancer if their owner “chooses” to use the Pill. Put that in your Susan G. Komen pipe and smoke it (or don’t—lung cancer risk).

Now another new study reported by the Wall Street Journal affirms that the cocktail of chemicals women put into their body also screws up women’s natural tendency to be attracted to men. Or at least to the sort of men nature indicates are right for them.

What’s next? Only time will tell, but when you start messing around with something as delicate and beautiful and important and powerful as the fertility of woman, nothing should surprise us.

This has been the subject of study before, but it’s a good reason to bring up again reasons why any artificial contraception is harmful.

Artificial contraception: bad for relationships, bad for families, bad for fish, bad for your soul, and bad for pristine nature.

We should launch something called the “Fertility and Fish Protection Agency,” to protect the processes of human fertility and the fish who are so harmed by the bad “choices” of irresponsible human beings who just don’t respect nature.



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  • Mik

    This is a topic that doesn’t get near enough attention, nor has its significance been properly understood. We seem to think that the bio-tech revolution began with procedures like IVF and the effort to map the genome. Nonsense! It began when women started dumping a chemical cocktail into their bodies, one effect of which (evident some 50 years on), is a huge demographic shift. Almost all developed countries are aging societies because the total fertility rate is below replacement levels. Artificial contraception is the original bio-tech revolution and we are reaping its whirlwind.

  • Davide

    I read somewhere over the weekend that 80 to 90 percent of Catholics use birth control

    • Tom Crowe

      Depressing, ain’t it? Major failure on the part of those charged with catechesis, and major fail on the part of those who have been catechized but who succumb to the zeitgeist.



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