“The political debate on same-sex marriage is over” …?


St. Thomas More

Sometimes it really does not matter what the political trends of the day are telling us we ought to do.

So says Chris Cillizza, political blogger at the Washington Post.

He cites a whole bunch of polls that indicate support in the nation is very markedly trending toward support for same-sex “marriage” across most demographics as his evidence.

There’s a real problem with making categorical statements like this: they ignore the ongoing nature of politics and immutability of Truth.

Now, granted, politics of the state are not governed by Truth unless those who hold the levers of power remain docile to Truth, but just as the political winds have been shifting over time in favor same-sex “marriage” according to the polls Cillizza cites, given more time and more political seasons, the winds may very well shift back in the other direction.

Those of us who will never accept the notion that the contractual arrangement a same-sex couple enters into could be called “marriage” will never accept it because “marriage” means something—something written into what it means to be man and woman, something beyond emotional attachment and sexual gratification, something that is not subject to polls.

“Right is right if the world be wrong.”

And while the world thrashes about from one extreme to the other raging against the authority of Truth, Truth remains where it is, offering the world the opportunity to settle down and be at peace.

In this vein, in his first address to the world’s diplomats to the Vatican, Pope Francis cited “spiritual poverty” as one of the great threats to peace. That does not just mean world peace and wars among nations, it goes right down to the peace within nations, within cities, within communities, within families, and even within our own selves.

Whether that spiritual poverty leads people to hold up odious signs that say awful things like “God hates fags;” or to write the sorts of things people say against us here at CatholicVote when we write pieces like this against gay “marriage;” or to something much less brutal but still a personal assertion of self-will; it is a raging against the peace that comes from docility to Truth.

The politics of the day may be trending toward a codification in law of some contractual arrangement available to same-sex couples that approximates marriage, and they may even use that word in the writing of the law, but that does not make it marriage.

Oh… I can’t quit now without recalling a brilliant exchange in Robert Bolt’s masterful play about St. Thomas More, “A Man for All Seasons.” During one of his interrogations by Cromwell, Cranmer, and Norfolk, More responds to a question about the King’s authority by pointing out (and I’m reproducing this from memory), “Some say the world is flat, while others think it round: it is a matter capable of question. But if the world is flat will the king’s command make it round, and if it is round, will the king’s command flatten it?”

Just so.

29 thoughts on ““The political debate on same-sex marriage is over” …?

  1. Bob says:

    I am not a bigot! Oh, but I am going to judge you not by the content of your character but the orientation of your sexuality.

    1. Tom Crowe says:

      Bob, I suppose you think you’re being clever. Not by a longshot. First, you might note that you judged me a “bigot” in your comment, even though your evidence was non-existent. Physician, heal thyself. I have judged no person in this debate. I have noticed that a position some people have taken (including a fair number of people who are not homosexual, you might note) runs contrary to the Truth of what it means to be man and woman in relationship. If you are unable to make the distinction between a person and the position they have taken on a given question then that is your problem, not mine.

  2. Rich Ketter says:

    No one believes you that you support peace in this discussion. Your blogs are filled with insults and provocations.
    You are little different than Fred Phelps who holds up the sign that “God Hates Fags”
    You pretend that this is not what you mean, yet the message comes through enough that some of your supporters here can carry it on farther.
    Capitalizing the word Truth and trying to claim it as equivilant to your understanding of any issue, and referencing the Pope in a blog does not make your blog any more true or in the least bit Catholic.
    What you do not understand, is that you are still calling the world flat when it indeed is not. It matters little if you are king or a lowly blogger, you cannot change truth just by the mere suggestion that you have it.
    It is not the consensus, but the growing number of people who understand the truth that are leading the way. You can drive your Edsel to the Latin mass, but that alone says nothing except that your are not in the mainstream of Catholic thought.

    1. Tom Crowe says:

      Keep insisting that up is down and consensus agrees with this, Rich, and ignoring the evidence to the contrary. You might also note, if you would actually read the post, that I specifically repudiate the odious and awful “God hates fags” signs.

    2. GREG SMITH says:

      Rich – Calm down! I’ve disagreed with Tom many times, especially on LGBT issues. However having followed Phelps and his “church” for some time I’ll tell you that the comparison is off the wall, way off the wall. Make your point, but personal insults make this site not a whole lot of fun! – Greg

  3. Patrick says:

    But Tom, your government issues marriage licenses to many couples whose marriage does not comport with your personal view of what a marriage is. Why single out the gays?

    1. Tom Crowe says:

      Patrick— Please explain what you mean. I think you’ll find your statement not to be true under scrutiny.

  4. Rick says:

    I don’t understand why companies and politicians are making such a big deal about supporting same-sex marriages? Is the percentage of our population who are actually wanting to share in this sinful act so large as to add significantly to that company’s bottom line, or to that politicians chances of getting elected? Haven’t they noticed the incredible TV ratings of the series, “The Bible?” It’s still predominantly a Christian country whether they, or the modia wants it to be, or not!

    1. rbaron says:

      Many, maybe most, people do not see support for SSM and support for Christianity as mutually exclusive. Many people see support for SSM as a Christian imperative due to the example of Jesus’ embrace of His society’s poor and outcast.

      Specifically related your to comment on the % of gay people in America….yes it is small, but those gay person have alot of straight family and friend, thats who the companies and politicians are worried about offending.

    2. MLF says:

      The prevailing value on homosexuality within the population puts it at about 3.5%. Now, take from that the number who actually want to marry and you have your answer.

    3. Rich Ketter says:

      Loving another person is not a sinful act. You need to keep up on your Catechism.

      1. Tom Crowe says:

        No one said it is. You need to think more carefully.

  5. John Cavanaugh says:

    What can be said of those who would change the world to favor them despite a vast compendium of evidence screaming no. Truth indeed it seems, is a fluid concept in the hands of those with power; and their motivations are are to retain it. But motivations of this nature must be identified as invidious and supernatural. The devil does indeed travel too and fro about the earth seeking whom he may devour. Given that satan is always presenting a counterfeit to God’s holy creation; is it any wonder that this most sacred union of Marriage is in his cross-hairs? Lust is a powerful tool in the enemies hands, one of the oldest and most used by him…. With it cities were destroyed and civilizations lost all in the name of feeling over logic and sensuality over sensibility. “Do not give what is holy to the dogs nor cast your pearls before swine”. Marriage is holy, given by God as a covering over the marriage bed that it would not be defiled. Sex is a spiritual union as well as a physical one. Without the protection of God’s device, we open ourselves up to all kinds of spiritual deception. A foothold for the devil is created and all that is right and good and true is at risk. I for one will tell the king, the world is indeed round…

    1. Rich Ketter says:

      What could be said of those who want to hold back the change in spite of the vast evidence to the contrary? They can think themselves noble who hold on to yesterthoughts, but is it truely noble to ignore education and the knowledge that may make you rethink?
      How comforting it must be for some to not have to face their own prejudices, and pretend that God is set in yesterdays cement, unmoving of either Him or the hearts and minds of men.

  6. Zypldot says:

    I can think of several times in history when there was a consensus: before the Flood, in Sodom & Gomorrah, when they worshiped the golden calf, oh, and at the Crucifixion.

    1. Rich Ketter says:

      So is the consensus on this website like the Flood or the Crucifixion?
      GoldCalf.Org – I like the rename.

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