Ending the Pro-Abortion Rape Canard

The Pro-Abortion movement is terrified that their recent efforts to expand their access to federal funding could be in jeopardy, and now – like some people do when they are scared – they are saying stupid things.

Take for instance their decision to blow up over a minor change in the language to define rape in one of the provisions of HR 3, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (co-sponsored by CV-endorsed Dan Lipinski, and joined by nine other Democrat Congressmen and numerous Republicans):

Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL, says the bill is “one of the most extreme bills that we’ve seen.” adding that it is “basically putting more restrictions on what was defined historically as rape.”

The pro-abortion Daily Kos blog goes further – where writer Dante Atkins said he can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want their tax dollars going to pay for abortions and attacked pro-life advocates supporting the bill for completing the “transition to American Taliban.

“It’s the type of thing that really makes you wonder what’s wrong with people. Is it any wonder that women tend to vote for Democrats? The GOP thinks that unless you were hogtied or had a knife brandished at you, you deserve whatever you get. Why not just put women in a burqa, assign them a male relative as an escort, and be done with it?” he wrote.” (LifeNews)

Jon Stewart even made this the topic of one of his comedy sketches on The Daily Show. I’m sure Rachel Maddow won’t be far behind.

This is all classic misdirection. When faced with a bill that would shore up federal funding of abortion and abortion providers, the pro-abortion movement literally screams “RAPE!”.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and in fact the authors of the legislation have dropped the language even though the original language was unambiguous.

This episode only further reveals how bankrupt the pro-abortion industry is when it comes to providing real arguments for why American tax dollars should continue to fund their industry.

This sort of thing makes me lose patience for when the pro-abortion side claims the pro-life movement makes outrageous claims and blows things out of proportion. After all, the entire pro-abortion industry is now claiming with a straight face that the authors of this bill intended to redefine rape and expose more women to exploitation.

That’s rich coming from a movement that, as we have seen in the Live Action expose videos, has turned the exploitation of women into a profitable, taxpayer-funded business.

Still, since I did not explicitly say in this post that I am against rape (here’s a shocker: I am), I can expect pro-aborts to quote me as saying I don’t care about that issue.

What they will never respond to is the fact that rapists and abusers of women know exactly who to turn to when their victims become pregnant or require birth control:

… that’s right, the abortion industry.

So let’s put an end to this rape canard and get back to defunding the real victimizers.


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  • Carrie

    I understand the comment that more women vote Democratic due to the fact that they will support pro-abortion because many women consider abortion to be their own right. However, I still consider that taking a life is a wrong act. Some freedoms are meant to be expressed, but ones that harm life should not be allowed.

  • Robert

    Could someone please tell me why we hear the term “rape or incest” when discussing exemptions to anti-abortion laws? Presumably the pro-choice lobby is not suggesting that abortion be allowed for _consensual_ incest, so the term “rape or incest” really means “rape or really-icky-rape-between-close-relatives” (apologies if that tongue-in-cheek characterization is offensive to incest victims, for whom I have great sympathy).

    It therefore seems as though the term “rape or incest” is intended to make it appear as though there are more categories of “acceptable” abortion than most might think.

    Can anyone help me with this?

  • Christine

    Rebecca Kiessling is a Pro-Life Activist and was conceived through rape, she does great work to bring together others who were conceived through rape, and women who became pregnant through rape. There are 2 videos on youtube that I think tell a really powerful testimonies that Rape victims heal from their rapes by having their child, and the lives of children conceived through rape are sacred.



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  • Nick S

    I agree with Pat Buchanan on the question of abortion of a child conceived during rape.

    “I don’t care about the circumstances of a child’s conception… You want to execute somebody in the case of rape, execute the rapist and let the unborn child live.”



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