The Prophet Wolfgang Saw It All

Peter Wolfgang, the highly effective Executive Director of the Family Institute of Connecticut and my good friend, posted this on Facebook Sept. 12:

“Is it too early to say that Mitt Romney’s economy-only campaign isn’t working or should we wait until after Obama is re-elected? Social issues have huge resonance in Ohio and a refusal to play it up in that state — say, ads drawing attention to the Democratic Convention’s pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage extremism — will cost Romney the election.

“Likewise, a quick presser connecting our Egyptian embassy’s groveling statement to our Libyan ambassador’s assassination, followed by a return to all-economy-all-the-time, practically begs the liberal media to pile on Romney for his supposed insensitivity. You have to make a sustained critique of Obama’s Middle East policy, Gov. Romney, which has now cost the life of our ambassador and others. Contra the conventional wisdom, 2012 is not just about the economy. People still blame our economic woes more on Bush than Obama. So either you sell an across-the-board critique of the present administration or you will lose.”



  • SteveM

    I speak here — for the first time — as a devout Catholic (albeit as one who converted just under a decade ago). My question is: How can we, as Catholics, speak out against gay marriage, yet at the same time say nothing — at least in my time in the faith — about legal divorce or remarriage (which the Church has equally clear teachings about… and which is demonstrably adverse to society)?

    See, for me the issue of gay marriage is an absolutely easy one to wrap my mind around… it’s lumped into the list of things that others do (legally), yet are forbidden by our faith. Non-Catholics may divorce, by law; we cannot, by faith. Gays can marry, by law; they cannot be married in the Catholic tradition, by faith. For some time, interracial couples could be married within the Church (by faith), yet those unions were not recognized by the state. Legally, sexually active couples (regardless of marital status) can wear condoms, have vasectomies, and utilize pornography; adherents to the faith cannot.

    Unless/until I see any movement whatsoever by the Church to outlaw divorce (which, again, is forbidden by our faith), I find it hard to take calls to outlaw gay marriage seriously.

    I say the above with respect, and not to sow discord; if there is a difference between these scenarios, I would welcome it. However, if there isn’t a difference, then I think — in 50 years — gay marriage will be just yet one more thing permitted by law that isn’t permissible to adherents of faith… a lengthy list that I imagine most of us must navigate regularly already.

  • Nobody Likes a Prophet

    In American we speak of the right to choose, the right to seek that which we want, what makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Disregard that which we were created for and what we are called to be. We talk about the social issues, care for the poor, feeding those in need, sheltering the outcast, and those to be sure are good and laudable things. But if we do those things and neglect the most basic right of every human being conceived, animated by the very breath of God, we’ve missed the point. With 3,288 abortions every day in the United States that’s 137 per hour, 9 every 4 minutes, 1 every 26 seconds, 1.2 million per year, you can not claim that these social programs, as good as they may be, are more important. this is not by any stretch a new problem, in the Old Testament Solomon trying to please his foreign wives built a temple to the god Molech and these women would rub their babies with oil, dress them in fine clothes, cover them in flowers, and throw them in the fire at Molech’s altar, in search of something different. The cult of Molech is alive and well in the United States, we call it by another name, “Choice”, “Women’s health srevices”, the result is the same; we sacrifice our children in search of something different. Be sure, there will be a price to pay, there was for Israel and there will be for us. Our best bet, pray for a conversion of heart starting with the president and those in his administration that call them selves “Catholics”. We are to be sure entering another phase in the history of our country, we are on a slippery slope, and our election has greased the skids, hang on ad get ready for the ride.

  • Dave

    Total fail.

  • Paul

    My family in Ohio voted for Obma because of his social policies, not in spite of them. Obama supports me as a person, and my equality under the law. Republicans ran on a ticket of oppression and discrimination. The sooner you understand that it’s not 1972, that America doesn’t want to punish gay people anymore, the sooner you’ll be able to win an election.

    Even MINNESOTA rejected your hate filled anti-gay marriage amendment. Wake up Tom. One of the reasons that people voted against Romney was because of his extreme conservative social policies.

    • Jamie Candace Ward

      I hope this it is true that America has moved on. We need to stop trying to ban others from legal rights and come together as Americans. I do believe that this was the last election where gay marriage was an issue. Romney’s stance isolated him from the majority of Americans that believe in equal rights for gay citizens.

      • Pierre

        Jamie…propagandist once again.

    • FrankW

      With all due respect, I must ask you why you are posting here. This is a website run by devout Catholics who are sincere in their desire to see our nation respect the Catholic Church, and stand for the traditions which the Church stands. That used to be considered a virtuous thing not so long ago.

      You don’t like the Church’s stand on marriage? Tough! You don’t get to define what the Church teaches about marriage, and you have no authority to dictate to the Church that it must redefine marriage at your whim.

      One cannot be a Catholic in good standing with the Roman Catholic Church while at the same time supporting gay marriage, or any other non-negotiable belief to which the church holds. This also includes abortion, euthanasia, human cloning, and the destruction of human embryos for the sake of misguided research.

      But your lame attempts to bully the writers who post at this site, and devout Catholics who respond to their posts into submission on the gay marriage issue by labeling us hate-mongers are a useless waste of time. We stand with Holy Mother Church, and you do not. Our opposition to gay marriage is based on God’s word (the Bible) and the teachings of the magisterium of the Catholic Church. You want to label that opposition hatred? Have at it. As for me and my family, we will stand with the Church Jesus Christ founded.

    • K M Meyers

      Why are you trolling this site? Catholic Social Teaching is our guide, and you already know the Church’s stance on your gay marriage agenda. Why don’t you go troll on some pro gay site that agrees with you and your agenda? You won’t get any empathy here.

    • JRB

      Sodomites like you would throw us in jail for opposing your perversion. That’s why we need to put you in jail again, like every civilized nation used to do until 50 years ago or so.



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