The scandal of highlighting your faith in order to fight against marriage

Well, it’s Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, so who is surprised?

After all she had the audacity to suggest that Barack Obama better represented American Catholics than the Pope.

And she slammed the Bishops for having “lost their way” during the health care fight because they didn’t want abortion to be considered health care.

So now that Maryland is having a public debate about the nature of marriage, here she is again. This time the former governor and daughter of RFK is campaigning in support of same-sex marriage.

The Left gets it. When you need a high-profile supporter of abortion or same-sex marriage, nothing beats having a ‘Catholic’ — and a Kennedy to boot!

And the scandal just continues…



  • Patrick

    Wait a minute. She’s not speaking on behalf of the RC church or trying to say that RC church teaching is different from what it is.
    So, what’s your beef?

    • Patrick

      Hitting the DISLIKE key 82 times is an unintelligent response. 😉

  • Super Cathi

    Oh, come one people, it’s easy to be brought up Catholic, and just refuse to believe all the dogma that people feed you about gay marriage. In fact, I’m doing it right now! You just decide that you are going to read and think and not be a servile mule. The Catholic church used to perform gay marriages hundreds of years ago. In the Vatican, in fact. Look it up. Have a great day y’all!

  • Makemeaspark

    A Bishop is a Shepherd and he is responsible for bringing souls into the kingdom of God, extending a hand in friendship to a sinner (any sinner)is the way that he was taught by Jesus himself, who visited the home of a Notorious tax collector, and ate with other flamboyant sinners and engaged them in his kingdom. Thank you Archbishop Dolan for Being like Christ.

  • Jim

    Just a quick clarification: Townsend was Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, not Governor.

  • Patrick

    I’ll never understand why people who do not believe the teachings of the Catholic Church continue to call themselves Catholics. You can call a turd a rose but that doesn’t make it one. The Church is NOT a democracy…it is the authoritative, scriptural teachings of Christ on earth. We have a name for Christians that only hold with a percentage of what the Church teaches, we call them protestants. Nuff said…mGrby!

  • Ted

    Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is not a Catholic. She is simply a Catholic in name only, and she is also doing satan’s work; whether she realizes it or not. Pray for her.



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