The Social Media Gap: A Letter to Team Romney

Dear Team Romney,

Hey there, guys. It’s little old swing-state straddling me here. From what I’m told, those two states of mine—Ohio and Pennsylvania—are really big “gets” for you. You want them. You need them. Which is why I have a question for you.

Where are you?

I know, you’re down the street at RNC headquarters making calls. I promise I’m doing my swing state duty and answering every time you or some other pollster dials my number. I’m hardly getting any work done because the phone is ringing so much, but I am answering.

I also know you’re on Channel 4, hitting three whole states at once—Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. That’s a big market, so I’m glad that people are seeing you on WTAE.

But…I’m not seeing you. Not at all

Like millions of younger Americans, I don’t watch network TV. Even though I’m shelling out money this month and next for cable (what’s election season without the entertainment of a Chris Matthews’ breakdown?), I’m a creature of habit. Which means when I sit down to watch a TV show, I watch it on Hulu.

The problem, however, is that you’re not there. Week after week, show after show, and there’s never any smiling Romney or Ryan face for me to see during those “limited commercial interruptions.” And that makes me sad.

It makes me sad because there are so many young voters out there who still need to be persuaded (and can be persuaded) that voting for Romney/Ryan is the best hope folks under 40 have of not working until we’re 90. President Obama just keeps spending and spending our money. He’s not going to fix Social Security. He’s not going to fix Medicare. He can’t even get one measly little budget passed, let alone stop our country from diving off a fiscal cliff as the Baby Boomers move en masse to Florida.

Now, I recognize that there’s no guarantee Team Romney will fix our country’s little problem with entitlements either, but you’re definitely a safer bet than Mr. “My Campaign Won’t Let Anything Happen to Big Bird.” And you’ll also do it while not sanctioning the killing of unborn babies or infringing upon Catholics’ religious freedom. Which earns you two big thumbs up from me.

So, that’s one reason why I’m sad: Because Team Romney is passing up the chance to make key arguments to younger voters.

The other reason I’m sad is because President Obama is not passing up that chance. He’s making his case over and over and over again. And he’s really annoying me.

You may not know this because you’re too busy giving stump speeches to watch really smart shows like Fringe (and because you don’t care as much as I do about what new outfit from Anthropologie Snow White might be wearing on this week’s Once Upon a Time), but Obama is everywhere on Hulu. And Pandora. And all those other new fangled social media sites where the under 40 crowd hang out.

There, he’s doing this targeted advertising thing, talking about issues he thinks young voters care more about. Which to his liberal mind is same-sex marriage, contraception, and green energy.

It’s really awful. Nauseating sometimes. But I could almost endure it if I could see Romney’s smiling face or Ryan’s pretty blue eyes at least once during a show. If, for just 30 seconds, someone acted like people under 40 care about things besides sex and windmills, I would feel less insulted. But it never happens. The election gets closer and closer, but still no Team Romney during Castle.

Why? Why aren’t you there? Why have you abandoned us to the non-stop Obama/Biden propaganda? Won’t they let you buy ads on Hulu? Did you miss a deadline? Or have you written younger voters off?

I hope not. I hope that it’s just because no one on your staff took the time to tell you about Hulu. Well, it’s really cool. For a low monthly fee you can watch all the shows you want, and you don’t have to pay for a gajillion channels you never watch. You should check it out. And maybe, if there’s still time, buy some ads.

Please. Pretty please. Have pity on me. I can’t take any more windmill commercials.


Emily Stimpson

Editor’s Note: Just in case anyone from the FEC is reading: Obviously the thoughts expressed here are the author’s alone and are not intended in anyway as coordination between the Candidate Fund and the Romney-Ryan campaign.

Emily Stimpson is a Contributing Editor to “Our Sunday Visitor” and the author of “The Catholic Girl’s Survival Guide for the Single Years,” where she dishes on the Church’s teachings about women, marriage, sex, work, beauty, suffering, and more.



  • Shawn

    I agree Emily, I would even say they have done a poor job advertising on sports market like ESPN. Every time I watch a sporting event on the channel I see several Obama commercials.

  • Mary

    If Hulu really does target their customers such that they would only see one side and not the other, then each Candidate should have a reasonable gripe with them. 1 there is no chance that they have perfectly targeted each person, as is demonstrated above, but more importantly, 2 there are always two candidates, and to have educated voters, they should get to see the materials of both sides. 3 if I thought I was reaching an entire audience and was really only reaching repeatedly a segmented audience, I might pay less for that privilege.

  • abadilla

    Now “Think About HIM” and “Rich” are the same troll, but, like the energizer bunny, he or she goes on and on trying to drive us crazy!



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