The Solemnity of the Trinity: THE Sign of Contradiction.

The Trinity IconThe solemnity of the Trinity. The Father, who eternally begets the Son, the love between them being so radical, intense, real, and self-giving, that it is the Holy Spirit.

The fundamental truth of the Christian faith that the modern world must destroy. God is a family. God is a community of committed, mutual, radical, self-giving, life-creating love. God is love. God is self-gift. And all that is flows from that radical loving self-gift. Without that radical loving self-gift nothing is or can be.

And in the radical plan of God He created all that is to share mutual, reciprocal, self-gift, in love, and thereby new life would come about. This experience finds its quintessential expression in the human family: mother, father, children, the most basic unit of society, which brings about and animates all other human societies.

This Trinitarian testimony of the Christian faith continuously and fundamentally challenges the modern secular ideologies that hold up individual wants-fulfillment at the expense of radical self-gift. To our own ends we may use others to fulfill our wants—not needs—without commitment. Modern ideologies call for corporate, usually governmental, or at least academic-approved structures that supplant the nuclear family in bringing about new life and in raising children. But love and self-gift are not involved, only theory and scientific approaches to child rearing. Oh, brave new world.

I don’t believe the un-Christian modern ideologies are malicious, because the Trinity is not intuitive. Some individuals who hold to them may be, but not all, and the ideologies themselves do not necessarily arise in malicious minds. We who know the Trinity know it because God has revealed the Trinity to us through Judeo-Christian salvation history. Without the revelation of the Trinity, movements toward personal wants-fulfillment make some sense. If we had not been shown that our Creator is a community of love, that we are most alive when we emulate the amazing committed self-giving love of the Trinity, then we would not know to act accordingly. Those who do not know our Christian faith, or who have rejected it for whatever reason (even if they remain within a nominally “Christian” ecclesial communion), are simply following what their best intuition, even if selfish, dictates is right. There are those who know their judgment to be clouded by pride but who forge ahead with their unGodly designs anyhow. Those people are to be pitied, prayed for, and opposed.

But this Solemnity of the Trinity stands as a reminder of who we are, because it reminds us who our God is. And our trinitarian God challenges us to model His intense, mutual, radical, committed, self-giving, life-creating love for the world to see, that the world might be redeemed, in part by our own witness to what true love is about. In that way we shall make good on the verse in Colossians, and make up for what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ.



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