The Sweatervested Candidate, who wears Catholicism on His Shirt Sleeve

I found this jarring in an otherwise positive profile of Rick Santorum in the Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Santorum’s history of wearing his Catholicism on his sleeve may not be disqualifying given the timing and the opponent

That sure does sound negative. But isn’t it a positive? We know who he is and where he goes for sustenance. And we see in him an example of someone who seems to try to integrate what he believes as a matter of faith with how he lives his public/professional/political life.

Far too often, pols tell us they are Catholic but walk away from their faith when it comes to the grave evil of abortion. If it is wearing your faith on his sleeve means to walk the walk of faith in public life — not compartmentalizing your faith — well then that’s a true statement. But given I am grateful to him for that model, I’d word that differently — I certainly would not look at it as a possible impediment. Or are we that secular a culture that we would largely see that kind of authenticity as a problem?


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    The death penalty is not immoral. The Catholic Church in the 13th century required the repentant Albigensian heretics to testify that the state had the right to execute criminal before they could be admitted to the Catholic Church. So the Church is not going to change its moral teaching just because some bishops think it is the fashionable thing to do. In season and out….



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