The Top 10 CatholicVote Articles from 2012

There’s just a few hours left in 2012. Here’s a look back at the Top 10 CV Articles from 2012.

10. The Worst Archbishop Ever

9. Cardinal Dolan: White House Lectured USCCB Staff on How to Interpret Catholic Teaching!

8. How the White House’s 98% Contraception Figure for Catholics is Wrong

7. Updates: Want to Know What is Happening with Komen vs. Planned Parenthood?

6. Attacks on Susan G. Komen Reveals Planned Parenthood’s Real Face

5. News Outlets Failed to Reveal Lesbian Denied Communion at Mother’s Funeral is a Buddhist and Gay Rights Activist

4. Video: “Why I Love Religion, And Love Jesus”

3. Cardinal Burke’s Election Year Prayer

2. 191 Bishops Have Spoken Out Against Obama/HHS Mandate

1. Obama v Romney – The Choice is Clear



One thought on “The Top 10 CatholicVote Articles from 2012

  1. Antonio Sosa says:

    Good job! Please continue helping Catholics defend themselves — and their children and grandchildren — from the pro-abortion, pro-infanticide, pro-gay “marriage,” anti-Christian, anti-American Obama regime!

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