The Torch of St. Dominic Shines On in DC

Last weekend, through the generosity of a former teacher, I had the privilege of attending the first annual Spring Gala and Silent Auction hosted by the Dominican Friars at the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception (PFIC) here in Washington DC., where I completed my S.T.B in Theology in 2009.

The PFIC, located just across the street from Catholic University of America and the National Shrine is a treasure for those serious about pursuing graduate work in Thomistic theology here in the United States, and for those who wish to see vital communities of religious priests and brothers flourish. In addition to their educational offerings (including summer language and philosophy courses), the Dominican Friars generously provide numerous spiritual opportunities (such as the now-famous Vigil of All Saints) throughout the year. This year I may finally be able to celebrate Easter liturgies there.

This year’s Spring Gala – while not featuring Spring weather (DC is still stuck with Winter temps) – did include the warm hospitality of my favorite mendicants and was well attended by almost 200 supporters. And what a fundraiser, too – ending the evenings’ festivities with sung compline in their beautiful chapel!

If you are looking to study theology at the graduate level in the United States please check out the DC Dominicans, and if you are able to support their efforts financially I can tell you personally your generosity will be put to excellent use. Furthermore, a visit of DC’s Catholic sites is not really complete without a visit to the Dominican Priory and chapel. I’d recommend visiting once Spring has fully sprung.

In full disclosure I should reveal that as I wrote this post I was happily sipping coffee from the coffee machine I won at the Gala’s silent auction. (Jealous, much? Then come to next year’s Gala!)



  • Rebekah

    +JMJ+ Oh boy am I jealous! But not because of the coffee. I used to live an hour’s drive from there, and it was one of the family’s favorite places to go. By the way, you should also check out the Franciscan Monastary in DC. They have replicas of catacombs, and life size, life like statues of the Way of the Cross.Definitely a must see.



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