The trouble with Malia’s spring break trip to Mexico

Despite State Department warnings for all Americans to avoid travel in Mexico due to drug violence, 13 year-old first daughter, Malia, is spending her spring break with friends in the country’s southern most state, Oaxaca.  To be fair, Oaxaca is relatively safe. But today, once-safe resort towns, such as Acapulco and Cabo, are experiencing border town violence because cartel wars are escalating and metastasizing.

When I was a young co-ed at Arizona State University my spring break trips to Mexico were preceded for weeks by my mom’s stern warnings of the dangers lurking south of the border.

That was 20 years ago, long before beheadings and disappearances replaced alcohol and roofies on the list of parental spring break fears.

I’m fully aware that Malia’s school-sponsored trip to Mexico included a robust entourage of 25 secret service agents.  But if the commander-in-chief wagers that Mexico is safe enough for his middle schooled daughter, what is a 19 year-old thrill-seeking college student to think?  Just as importantly, what about his well-meaning parents who are trying, as my mom once did, to discourage their kid from spring breaking in Mexico?  They have one less arrow in their quiver now that US State Department warnings appear more subjective.

Is it too much to ask for the President to live up to his 99% rhetoric and at least pretend that government issued warnings apply to all Americans –  including the privileged children of the most exclusive and elite private school in America.



  • outofhopedue2change

    the obamas live by a double standard – I’ve discovered. obama thinks it’s more important to hang with the view gals, the pimp with the limp rather than the prime minister of Israel . USA in trouble!

  • faithful catholic

    Our Holy Father just went to Mexico with a massive security detail. God bless him.

  • JDolla

    The people who read this blog are seriously biased. I just read a handful of respectful, clear, cogent responses that pointed out the lack of logic in the blogger’s argument, and every one of them has like -30 to -70. How can anyone take this blog seriously then? Later – & won’t ever be coming back here, that’s for sure.

  • Konrad

    Mexico is a large country and the drug cartel violence is not everywhere. Flying into certain regions is completely safe, with or without bodyguards. If she drove across the border and is hanging out in the Chihuahua region – then yeah – that’s dumb. But I don’t remember anything in the release reports telling us exactly where she was, so I don’t see how you can be so sure that this is a case of hypocrisy as this blog suggests. But this is an anti-Obama blog, right?



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