The Ugliest Churches In The World


A little something for the weekend.

Over at Real Clear Religion, Nicholas G. Hahn III has a slideshow of the ugliest churches in the world.  They represent several denominations, but the vast majority are – you guessed it – Roman Catholic.

Below are just a few of these architectural miscarriages, all of them Catholic.  See the rest here.


ugly church 8


ugly church


ugly church 2


ugly church 3


ugly church 4


ugly church 7




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  • Everett
  • Carlos

    Sometimes the need to fit in this modern avantguard world actually backfires. These are fads that look bad or horrible in some cases. God only knows why these Dioceses chose these designs. Most of them are misplaced intentions which take the beauty away and look more office buildings or even Theme park rides. The most important thing is to know that an ordained priest is giving the Holy Sacraments in line with our 2,000 year Catholic history. That the whole ody of Christ, the Church, is in union and in step with our Magistrate.

  • Panda Rosa

    I can’t see how these buildings could be used any other way either.
    That third one is definitely giving the finger.
    Well, the last one, the plane-boat thing, might be fun as a library.

  • morganB

    Does the Holy See et involved in these designs? I want to believe not. I’ll bet the decisions are left to Joe Bishop who the Vatican says they are not employees. WOW!

  • Justme

    Yikes they look things from outer space. Lost in Space or Star Track
    take your choice.

  • John Morgan

    The boat airplane has got to be the ugliest.



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