The United Nations uses images of Mother Teresa to promote its anti-Catholic agenda

Remember the U.N.’s Free and Equal campaign? I wrote about it back in July of 2013 when Desmond Tutu, one of the initiative’s spokespersons, proudly proclaimed that he would rather go to hell than serve a God that doesn’t let homosexuals have “basic human rights.”

Free and Equal claims to advance the cause of non-discrimination against sexual minorities across the globe. In reality, what it’s doing is polluting our minds with what Pope Leo XIII referred to as the ideology of “naturalism,” the belief that human reason, and not divine and eternal law, is supreme, and that man, and not God, is the sole source and judge of truth and justice.

For quite some time now, the United Nations has been attempting to impose upon the children of God this diabolical-inspired brand of Gnosticism. Naturally, this has lead to some heated confrontations between the U.N. and the Vatican (see here and here).

With their Free and Equal campaign, however, it appears that the U.N. has dropped all pretense of cordiality and has openly declared war upon Holy Mother Church.

Mother Teresa

Astonishingly, in promoting its pagan, cult-like thinking, the U.N. posted images of Mother Teresa on the Free and Equal website that make her appear as if she was a supporter of LGBTQ issues.

Moreover, if you browse the other pages on the Free and Equal site, you’ll come across an endless array of platitudes and tautologies about gender theory and sexual identity that run counter to everything God has made known to us through the one true faith.

You can also peruse the website’s Frequently Asked Questions section and learn from their cartoonish advertisements. That is, if you enjoy reading quotes from Mother Teresa taken out of context and like having the wool pulled over your eyes by U.N. bureaucrats engaging in surreptitious marketing tactics. Here are just a few examples:

mother teresa quote



LBTQ rights

Far from being a benign advocate for the poor and oppressed, the United Nations, which is simply the vehicle modern man has chosen to construct the new Tower of Babel, is proving itself to be just one of the many enemies of the Catholic Church in the world today.

Not only does it scorn the natural law, the United Nations replaces God, the Creator of all that exists, and his laws, with man, a creature wounded by original sin that is nothing more than pride-filled dust.

Perhaps those in charge of the United Nations have forgotten what Psalm 127 tells us: “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build labor in vain.”

God will not be mocked for much longer, folks. Act accordingly.

h/t Marielena Montesino de Stuart


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  • Teresa

    Doesn’t Mother Teresa’s nuns own a copyright on her images or something? How are they able to do use them?

  • BuzzLOL

    . Those with homosexuality addiction have become very organized and are trying to falsely equate their homosexuality addiction with race… they are using the same tactics the integrationists successfully used to get full human rights for people of color to get Special Homosexual Rights for people with homosexuality addiction. They already have the same normal rights as anyone else. By organizing, they now have the money to successfully bribe the greedy churches, politicians, UN, and gov’ts to pimp homosexuality addiction….

  • Thaddeus

    I want MY human rights.
    I want sodomites, baby killers, porn dealers, and drug dealers out of my community, my state, my school, and my culture.
    I want MY human rights.
    Were are they ?

    • Kathryn McMorrow

      As he passed the RoundUp ready nourishments.



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