The Vatican's UN intervention re: climate change

Dom makes the point I was going to make before (and better than) me:

The comments by Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the Holy See�s observer at the United Nations on global climate change got a lot of attention in the press and blogosphere.

The archbishop threw the Vatican�s weight behind the climate change �consensus�, including that �the scientific evidence for global warming and for humanity�s role in the increase of greenhouse gasses becomes ever more unimpeachable.�

The only problem is that �evidence� is a lie because it is based on the lies in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change�s false reports. As I blogged in March, Orson Scott Card debunked this report as myth at length.

It�s sad to see Archbishop Migliore being taken in by the falsehoods of the IPCC. It�s sad that in a time when we have to be wary of an ecumenism that verges on irenicism and syncretism, that the Vatican�s top diplomat the international body appears to have conceded as true the teachings of the fundamentalist modern pseudo-science religion of �climate change.�

I just got a whole packet of reading material on this subject, and look forward to delving into it in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, I have a rather busy travel schedule ahead. Would it be too ironic to be reading this material aboard a jumbo jet?





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