The Video You’ve Been Waiting For: Pope Benedict Tweets From His iPad!

Did you ever think you’d see this?

Today the Vatican published www.News.Va. To celebrate, Pope Benedict sent out his first tweet (which, as you can see, I happily re-tweeted):

Even more of a treat – this unedited video (via Rome Reports) of Pope Benedict sitting down to view the new Vatican news portal on an iPad:

What a cool pope.



11 thoughts on “The Video You’ve Been Waiting For: Pope Benedict Tweets From His iPad!

  1. Larrygree says:

    But Apple is currently being run by a clearly damned-to-hell open homosexual! How does the Pope reconcile this?

  2. Panda Rosa says:

    The Pope has this “Hmmmm…” look as he watches what to do.

  3. Deacon A.P. Thomas (thomas Pereira) says:

    Beloved Holy Father, Greetings of love and peace! Some time back you have urged the clergy to make use of modern technology in Evangelizing. Now, your holiness started using it yourself. Bravo!

    1. Linda says:

      Dear Deacon, Kudos definitely go to the Holy Father. But remember who first urged the Church to evangelize and “cast out into the deep of the net?”

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