The War on Religious Liberty, with “Catholics” Leading the Diabolical Attack.

The First Amendment as ratified in 1791:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Now I have a couple of theories about the way the Obama administration views this. Either they edit it thusly:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Or they read that first part, “Congress shall make no law,” they recognize that they are not “Congress,” and that they have been given the authority to write whatever laws they think necessary by our Congress’s insane tendency of signing away their own law-writing duty, and then proceed to write whatever laws they wish. Hence, they simply do not believe that the First Amendment applies to them.

Either way, as Mark Rienzi of The Becket Fund explains in an important interview with Kathryn Jean Lopez, the right to live according to one’s non-state-approved religion* in anything but the most private of circumstances seems in serious jeopardy:

The monks of Belmont Abbey College sued because the government left them no choice. The government is forcing these devout monks to purchase certain drugs for their students and employees, in violation of their religious convictions. For example, the government now requires the college to purchase Plan B (the “morning-after pill”) and ella (the “week-after pill”) for their students. These drugs likely cause abortions, which is a grave sin to the monks. It is one thing for the government to decide it should distribute these drugs itself, which of course is not part of this new law. But it is quite another for the government to mandate that religious Americans with conscientious objection purchase these drugs and participate in their distribution.

The law also forces the college to pay for “related education and counseling” about these drugs. The monks may preach to their students against abortion and contraception on Sunday morning, but on Monday the feds will make the college pay for a counselor to send the exact opposite message to its students. The First Amendment forbids this type of forced speech and burden on religious exercise.

(Found via the Cardinal Newman Society’s Campus Notes Blog. Follow them at @Newman_Society)

In other words, it’s far worse than the old “Catholics Need Not Apply” signs, because those were posted by private businesses. This time it is the federal government telling us, “Catholics must not be Catholic.”

King Obam

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Rienzi laments that Obama does not seem to be living up to the high-minded rhetoric he used at Notre Dame a few years back when he talked about “finding common ground” with Catholics. Thing is: this is what “finding common ground” looks like for President “I Won.” He has never been a uniter; has never been anything but a hard-left ideologue with a silver tongue and a dagger to shove in your back. “Common ground” means “I’m here, and you better get here, or I will use the power of the government to punish you for non-compliance.”

And in the worst twist of mockingly delicious irony (“delicious” in the Screwtape sense), the principle heralds of the culture of death are two women who call themselves Catholic: Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius.

Pelosi, don’t forget, considered it a slight to characterize pro-life Catholics as having “this conscience thing.” We of course consider having a conscience “being Catholic.”

Enter Dr. Peter Kreeft who, at a talk in Madison, Wisconsin, on November 18 said it was redundant to call someone a “pro-life Catholic,” because to be Catholic one must be against abortion. “To be Catholic is to take the whole deal.”

But then he dropped the bomb. He contended, during the ensuing Q & A, that Catholics like Pelosi and Sebelius (and the Kennedys, Tom Ridge, the Cuomos, Dick Durbin, Pat Leahy, so many others, and those theologians and clerics who have given them the rationale and cover) who live by the “personally opposed, but…” line have done more damage than pedophile priests.

[Cue the cleanup crews as heads explode all over the place]

Through their actions, they have directly advanced policies or enabled politicians who advanced policies that have resulted in the slaughter of millions of unborn persons, not to mention those babies that survived abortions, were born alive, only to be left to die. Molestation is not worse than murder—the former rises from seeing the person as an object and damages the person; the latter rises from denying that the person is a person and annhilates him or her.

Such people have also caused great scandal and confusion within the Church, as well as to the world concerning the Church.

Further, Kreeft argues, pedophile priests committed heinous sins of weakness. Their sins were evil, wicked deeds. But sins of weakness are not as evil as sins of power. Those who do evil, wicked things—and facilitating or enabling the slaughter of millions, plus grave scandal are the matter in question here—for sake of gaining or maintaining power have committed even more grave acts. Such sins are akin to the sin of the fallen angels: “I will not serve.”

And thus are the sorts of Catholics who hold the levers of power these days.

There is something extra diabolically cynical that the two are women. An additional laugh from the dark one who hates women most of all because the fears the woman most of all.

Have I gone too deep? I don’t think so. Governance is a function of the moral lives of all the individuals involved in governance, and in a republic like ours that means all of us to a degree. But most especially it means those elected or appointed to power. And if they are Catholic then we have a more-than-reasonable expectation that they will strive to live their lives and conduct their affairs as ministers of state according to Catholic moral teaching.

In these latter days that appears to be too much to ask.


*You know what they are: Gaia, Moloch, Unrestrained Egoism, and all the other deceptions of the devil.



  • Janet

    The parade of prominent politicians who profess to be Catholic i.e.: our vice-president (Biden), former speaker of the house, (Pelosi), secretary of HHS (Sibelius) and numerous members of Congress and locally elected officials, wear their “catholic badge” when it’s useful (around election time), and then once having (again) duped fellow Catholics, these chameleons then spend their time subverting the True Faith by their direct and vocal support of anti-Catholic agendas. This party is now dominated by a far leftist secular ideology that desires to take Christianity out of the public square, and yet demands that we appease Muslims and tolerate Islamist practices in our public schools, courtrooms, and work places.
    Abortion is now promoted as “comprehensive women’s healthcare”, mothers are increasingly encouraged to abort “defective” children, and healthcare reform has been rammed through the legislative process that by design places bureaucratic agencies at the apex of care decisions, which will necessarily ration care.

    The well-funded homosexual agenda is aggressively working to elevate gay marriage to the status of traditional marriage and has found a new venue in which to promote normalcy of this “lifestyle”: our public school children. Progressive liberal positions poison our youth through the media, music and film, resulting in a pop culture full of sex, vulgarity and increasing relativism. Ironically, while promoting all of these things that are “good” for society, the poor are STILL poor, immigrants are merely used as a voting block and many scratch their heads wondering how such moral decay has come to exist in America.

    The disturbing fact remains: In the 2008 exit polls, Catholics overwhelmingly supported these agendas with their votes! WHY?

    I’ll tell you why : The bishops (and hierarchy) have failed miserably in their responsibility to “save souls” by promoting good catholic formation and have instead been steadfast in their refusal to call out the heretics both within and outside of it’s ranks. Wow, the USCCB has spent over 68 million dollars “lobbying” this past year and what do we get for this output ? The end to abortion….the protection of marriage…NO. Sadly, the war is only beginning in the purging of evil and corruption WITHIN the church. God help us all.


  • Jennifer Roche

    PS meant to also say, very good article.

  • Jennifer Roche

    I love that picture of Obama. What photo is that taken from–King George? Very witty, and very apropos!



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