The Worst Thing Ever? The Purity Host Dispenser

I’m still not convinced this is real. I hope it is not. But I fear it is.

Have you ever worried so much about picking up germs from receiving Communion that you decided to invent an awkward, pez-like dispenser to remove any possibility of human contact between you and the minister of Communion?

Me neither.

But someone did and, well, see for yourself:

Apparently this video was uploaded three years ago. Two years ago the makers of the product tried to defend its existence. They said:

“This [purity host dispenser] is necessary in order to prevent transmission of disease and the like. Some fear contagion through the handling involved in distributing the hosts. Hope this answers your question.”

The comment was voted down so many times it’s now hidden.

Seriously, worst thing ever.

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 11.37.43 AM



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  • Janet Baker

    Note the lack of Corpus on the cross, lack of kneelers, etc. With these indicators I doubt this is a Catholic church. This might be some episcopalian or other protestant service – I sure hope so!

  • Kevin G

    I’d lay generous odds that it’s a Protestant church and service.

  • Ann

    This is Episcopalian, right?

  • John Drake

    It would appear this is not a Catholic Mass nor a Catholic church. Not the corpus-less cross. The words the minister speaks are completely unfamiliar. The vestments are wrong. I’d guess it’s some variant of Lutheran.

  • Subvet

    I see a cross, not a crucifix behind the altar. I see the small dixie cups used to dispense the Precious Blood in the same manner as I experienced in Protestant Churches. My hearing doesn’t allow for knowing whats actually said by the celebrant so if the following is a stupid question, thats why.

    Is this actually a Catholic Mass or some other denomination holding it’s worship service?

  • Gary

    I hope that’s not a Catholic church in the video.



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