The Worst Thing Ever? The Purity Host Dispenser

I’m still not convinced this is real. I hope it is not. But I fear it is.

Have you ever worried so much about picking up germs from receiving Communion that you decided to invent an awkward, pez-like dispenser to remove any possibility of human contact between you and the minister of Communion?

Me neither.

But someone did and, well, see for yourself:

Apparently this video was uploaded three years ago. Two years ago the makers of the product tried to defend its existence. They said:

“This [purity host dispenser] is necessary in order to prevent transmission of disease and the like. Some fear contagion through the handling involved in distributing the hosts. Hope this answers your question.”

The comment was voted down so many times it’s now hidden.

Seriously, worst thing ever.

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 11.37.43 AM



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  • Carrie Wehmeyer

    I grew up in the Episcopal church, and this is an Episcopal service. Thank God those are not actually the Body and Blood of Christ, so shooting them out at people like Ritz crackers is slightly less apalling.

  • Tom
  • Lady Mabeline

    Lighten up people. You take yourselves much too seriously.

  • MZ

    Why waste time on stuff like this? Why not blog about more relevant topics? Sometimes focusing on the ridiculous is a waste of time. Could we make the Catholicvote website just a tad more positive? OK, sorry, rant over.

  • nash

    I am shocked! In my church, I am coptic orthodox, the host can only be placed on our tongue and only by a preist. Everyone also receives the blood and drinks from one cup! The ladies must be wearing a vail on their heads and everyone takes off their shoes to enter the tabernacle to receive Jesus. Also there is a place for the men and a different place for the women. if everyone believed that this was truely the body and blood of Jesus they would not be worried about germs. The Eucarist is the most powerful miracle of all times and I am very sad to see this priest behave this way. GOd help us all

  • John

    My friends and I ordered 10f them for gag gifts. HILARIOUS!!!



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