Theology Fail: Poster-Child for New Missal Resistance Says Priests Should Focus on “Changing Water into Wine”

This quote, taken from the Associated Press‘s coverage of the new translation of the Roman Missal roll-out, deserves to be immortalized before it is scrubbed from the news archives:

Maribeth Lynch, 51, a publisher from the Milwaukee suburb of Elm Grove, said she was “distraught” over the changes and would refuse to “learn the damn prayers.”

“It’s ridiculous. I’ve been a Catholic for 50 years, and why would they make such stupid changes? They’re word changes. They’re semantics,” she said. The priest “spent 40 minutes today on the changes instead of on the important stuff, like changing water into wine.”

How shocking to discover that a resident of a liberal Milwaukee environ who proudly proclaims her five decades of Catholic membership, drops the word d*mn casually, and complains about priestly attention to important details … also clearly failed Sunday school.

That is, unless priests suddenly have a new miraculous talent and no one updated me.

I think this little story is a nice reminder that the false “spirit” of Vatican II is on its way out. May it be replaced with a renewed spirit that, ya know, pays attention to the “important stuff” … like what is actually happening on the altar.



  • amy

    well for one , if she is a member of “Call to action” . that is a dissident catholic group.
    its on the list of organizations that one bishop recently said if any of people in his state were members they should consider themselves ex-communicated. so she is basicly not Catholic and doesnt speak for the church . so why even include her liberal stupid comment.
    i for one think the new language is wonderful. it is closer to the latin.

  • Rich

    Yeah, aren’t changes awful. Let’s just go back to the 1962 Missal, what da ya say, Maribeth?

    • prevaticanII

      I agree, I still have my Fulton J. Sheen Sunday Missal and the ‘new words’ she is distraught about are in there. Who remembers ‘say the black, do the red?’ from our religion classes? I have been fortunate enough in the past two years to have attended a church where the traditional Mass is celebrated – sacred and beautiful. I was surprised when I spoke to friends about this and they were under the impression that ‘mass can’t be said in Latin’ – maybe we need a lot more education in our parishes.

  • Deb

    If she has been a Catholic for 50 years, she would know that these aren’t “new” prayers, they are the restored prayers. I am 55 and I remember Et Cum Spiritu tuo.

  • Michele Finley

    I love the way our parish has handled this:
    Fr. Brundage called it a “pre-emptive strike before the Missal launch” scheduled for the first Sunday of Advent. He has been holding faith formation classes for families and children, lectures for the elders and homeschooling groups, met with the Ladies and Knights of Columbus groups, and given short teachings each Sunday from the pulpit explaining and implementing one part at a time, so that this past Sunday, when the new Missals came out, everyone in the parish has been given some familiarization with the different wording, and an understanding of what the meaning is behind it…some of the explanations were truly beautiful meditations on what the whole meaning of the mass is. It went quite smoothly, and everyone was able to follow in the new Missals with very little difficulty. It was actually very moving to see this large church diverse people come together in unity and embrace the changes with good will. TRY IT, Y’ALL! It may not be comfortable at first, but it becomes more so as you go along–and this is your chance to deepen your appreciation of the great gift of the Mass.

  • Maureen

    I have been Catholic for 51 years (all my life) and I find the new translation a beautiful move in the right direction. I didn’t even know that Jesus was truly present in the Eucharist until I was 32 years old and sought the answers on my own. Out with the “Spirit of Vatican II” crowd and in with the true translation of the documents!

  • scott

    Catholic religion has continued to evole over 2000 years.Please remember the older you get,,,the closer to God you become!



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