They’re Running Scared

I recently heard from a source within the Department of Health and Human Services who indicated to me that people within the organization are “terrified” of what is going to happen. Not just with the mandate, which Catholics are combating eloquently in the Fortnight for Freedom. They’re afraid that the entire health care legislation will come tumbling down.

If that happens, they will lose money, staff, and jobs – hiring has been on the rise at HHS. They’ll also lose their ideological victory. It doesn’t take someone on the inside to tell you that they don’t want that to happen.

In the mean time, Catholics for Equality are worried too. Last night, they joined together in Baltimore to protest the Fortnight for Freedom effort. Why? Because they recognize that the Church continues to move away from their idea of Catholicism:

“The bishops no longer represent Catholics in the pews on so many social issues, from contraception to legal equality for LGBT people,” said Joseph Palacios, Director of the Catholics for Equality Foundation. “We also reject the bishops’ election year campaign that they are now somehow victims of religious liberty.”

According to a new report released today by the Public Religion Research Institute, 57% of American Catholics do not believe that the right to religious liberty is being threatened in America today. The report also notes that 65% of Catholics believe that most employers should be required to provide their employees with health care plans that cover contraception at no cost and that 63% believe religiously affiliated agencies should not be able to refuse to place children with qualified gay and lesbian couples.

“The bishops’ “Fortnight for Freedom” 2012 campaign is nothing more than election year political posturing,” said Phil Attey, Executive Director of Catholics for Equality. “For the past 10 years the bishops’ have earned the public branding of abusers, oppressors, and political bullies. Catholics in the pews don’t listen to them anymore and nor do political leaders … including Catholic political leaders. In order to change this political reality, the bishops need to change their branding from bully to victim. But nobody’s buying it and they’re only bringing more embarrassment to our church.”

Meanwhile, in Michigan, protesters upset over the Vatican’s recent statements regarding the Leadership Conference of Women Religious confronted a young priest over the issue. They videotaped it and put it on YouTube, but I think they wound up getting more than they bargained for:

The tide is turning in the Church. Orthodoxy is on the rise, and Catholics are responding to a world that is increasingly hostile to our beliefs. Persecution is never a good thing, but it has always had a positive and unifying effect on the faithful. We won’t lie down and take it without a fight.



  • Elizabeth Gregg

    I would like to say that the 21st century is very different from centuries ago, and no one is disrespecring religion; it’s just that it isn’t realistic to remain in the past. You take advantages of 21st century changes: you watch TV, you drive cars, you fly in airplanes etc. Isn’t that inconsistent with your beliefs, too?

  • Cynthia Sheptack

    This woman, Kim Frank has 2 degrees in theology??? What the heck did she learn? She really needs to talk to a priest so he can set her straight. She comes across as someone who doesn’t know didley about her “faith.” She is NOT a true Catholic and is clueless to boot. She says she teaches religion, oh my God, how many people has she ruined? She is saying that 80% of Catholics “do this and do that”, well it doesn’t matter what the wayward Catholics do, we must do as God has taught us, not what other people are doing. All I can say is when it’s her time to meet God, I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes…..

  • Caryoki

    God doesn’t worry about polls, so neither will I. The Church is the expression of Christ in the world as the way, the truth and the life. These women want the fruit of the tree of life while pouring poison on the roots. May God grant them the grace to choose to be Catholic and find the peace of Christ.

    • Richard J. Zavodsky, Ph. D.

      This lady tried to blind side Father Ted. She doesn’t have factual data to support her data. She has listened to herself and not listened to God. Jesus founded the Church and he died for the way of the Church. The apostles, I’m sure, would be much more confrontational with this woman than most in the Church would be. I am a part of the Church militant and challenge this woman to meet with me and my Bible Study Group. May God bless her and all who have viewed and responded to this message.

  • Robert

    The wheels *really* come off when she accuses the priest of being more prepared than she is. Ummm, didn’t *she* initiate the surprise interview?

  • Thomas

    I was once a lot like these women (only I’m a man), and a Neo-Pagan to boot. I’ve been an Orthodox Catholic now for 3 years and I’ll never forget my year of personal humiliation where one assumption after the next that I had about the faith, which kept me from being a Catholic was proven wrong. With the greatest respect, she went in all guns blazing, missed the target and shot herself in the foot. I do hope she and others like her, come home soon. Incidently, Fr Ted was brilliant.



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