This Democrat called his opponent anti-woman. You have to watch the response.

Democrat Rep. Gary Peters of suburban Detroit is normally a very strong campaigner. But he’s having a tougher time than expected as he tries to win the Senate seat of retiring Democrat Carl Levin.

To help him sagging poll numbers, Peters thought he would bring back the “war on women” campaign tactic that proved very successful for Democrats in 2012.

Surely you remember the faux “war or women.” This is where feminists and Democratic candidates went before tv cameras and aired commercials asserting that if Republicans like Mitt Romney won women would somehow be unable to purchase contraception anymore.


The Pill has been readily available at every corner drug store for over 50 years. Contraception has even been subsidized by state and federal governments for decades.

No political candidate has suggested making the Pill illegal.

We expect politicians to lie, but the “war on women” attack has got to be the most disingenuous political attack of the last 50 years.

If you don’t favor forcing businesses to offer contraception as a free benefit to employees, then somehow you are “anti-woman” and you want to make contraception illegal.

It’s a total lie. But it worked in 2012. So Gary Peters went for this attack and called his opponent “anti-woman.”

The only problem? Gary Peters’ opponent is a woman.

And Terri Lynn Land refused to let this garbage attack go unanswered. She pounced on Peters’ nonsense talk with a very clever ad of her own.

Bravo, Terri!

As a woman she is a natural person to push back against this nonsense attack. But men running for office also need to realize that you simply can’t ignore an attack just because you think it’s preposterous. Just ask President Michael Dukakis what happens when you allow a baseless attack go unanswered.

In a normal year, a Senate race in Michigan would easily go to the Democrat, given the blueish nature of the state. But this year might just be the perfect storm for the GOP. They have a Republican governor who looks strong for reelection. Turnout in midterm elections tend to favor the GOP. The Democratic president and his signature law remain unpopular. The Republican candidate has high name ID throughout the state (she improved the DMV’s customer service quite considerably in Michigan).

And this ad shows, she’s got some moxie.

Republicans need to win six seats to remove Harry Reid and the Democrats from control of the United States Senate. Those chances improve when they force Democrats to defend more of their seats. The Democrats weren’t counting on having to campaign strongly in Michigan, but now they have a barnburner on their hands.


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  • Dan Wright

    She’s certainly appealing to the logical naïveté of those who might vote for her. Her being female gives her no special knowledge about women. The fact is that she votes against women’s interests and she knows it. She purged thousands of women from voter rolls and it took an ACLU suit to stop her. Why be duped by lies when the truth is clear?

    • Slats

      Dan, when you say, “she votes against women’s interests,” very close to 100% of those who frequent this site from a non-hostile stance believe that calling “women’s interests” most of those positions you mean to indicate by the words “women’s interests” is a lie. Faithful Catholics would generally believe that those positions objectively run contrary to the interests of women.

  • DB

    I suppose I don’t see the logic of the ad. The argument seems to be something like this:

    1. I’m a woman.
    2. Therefore, I’m not warring on women.

    But this argument is just an instance of the more general form:

    3. I’m an X.
    4. Therefore, I’m not warring on X’s.

    But the argument from (3) to (4) is plainly invalid. For example, from the fact that Hitler was German, it does not follow that Hitler did not war on Germans. Clearly, members of human subtypes war on members of their subtype all the time. So nothing prevent Terri Lynn Land from warring on women while being a woman, so it is somewhat misleading of Land to suggest that her sex prevents her from warring on women. Given our Catholic faith and the activities of many women in this country, we should say that very many women are complicit and actively advancing the war on women.

    Perhaps there is something else of merit in the ad, but I’m not seeing it right now.

    • Slats

      DB, you have a point on a certain level, but what Land achieved was to call attention to the ridiculousness of the rhetoric.

      “War on women” in the political sense that the Democrats are using it (Legislation X, Y, and Z hurts all women) indicates that women are monolithic in their beliefs and perspectives, when obviously large numbers of women believe that Legislation X, Y, and Z is very, very helpful to women.

  • Philip Mason

    I actually liked the headline / tag line. I thought it was well done.

  • James W Farley

    The Democrats and many of their male and female constituents haven’t learned that it is time to stop using women as political pawns. People are beginning to see through this charade and sooner rather than later. Women deserve equality but they don’t deserve to be pandered.

  • Will

    This will be a very close election. Terri Lynn Land apparently has more than enough money to waste.

  • Nick

    Please don’t fall for the temptation to use link-baiting headlines. I really hope this doesn’t become a trend for you guys. “You won’t believe what happened next!” It’s sensationalism and it’s tiring.

    • Joshua Mercer

      I confess to using this headline as a tongue-in-cheek jest at how Upworthy and other sites do headlines. I promise it’s not a foreshadowing of future Upworthy-style headlines. I did it in this case as a way to point out the hilarity of this Democrat who brought out this tired old saw about the war on women without any thought like: “Oh wait a minute, I shouldn’t say that because, duh, she’s a woman herself.”

      • http://v Will

        Elections in Michigan are about the middle twenty percent of the voters. This might be a feel good ad for the conservatives but will it really do anything to get votes from the middle?

        • Joshua Mercer

          If it can’t thwart Peters’ attack, it can be helpful to Terri.



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