This Wednesday: Celebrate the 2nd Annual Anglo-Catholic Reunification Day!

In the wake of Pope Benedict’s successful visit to the UK and the weekend news that a third Anglican bishop has announced his decision to cross the Tiber, I realize it’s the right time to prepare for the 2nd Annual Anglo-Catholic Reunification Day, which will take place this Wednesday.

Last year, you see, on the day that it was announced that Pope Benedict would create a “personal ordinariate” for Anglicans wishing to become Catholic, a small group of my papist friends in Washington DC gathered at a local English pub to toast and celebrate the first annual day of Anglo-Catholic Reunification.

The inspiration for this celebration has a two-fold source: the creative and organizational initiative of my friend The Courtier (who studied in and retains close ties with England) and my own experiences in the informal quasi-ecumenical practice of “Protestants and Catholics, drinking together” (because, as we all know, the best reason to share pints is that a discussion of faith, God and religion might be provoked).

The requirements to host and/or participate in the Second Annual Anglo-Catholic Reunification Day are simple (and open to generous reinterpretation):

1. Find an English pub, or purchase British beer to consume in the comfort of your own home (I would recommend Bass Ale or Newcastle. Perino and Boddingtons are acceptable, but less recommended in cooler climates.)

2. Invite your papist, Anglo-Catholic and/or Anglican communion friends to join you.

3. Toast the pope, toast the process of Anglo-Catholic reunification, and pledge to continue the ecumenical process by which we may all fulfill the Father’s will that His Church may be one, especially as it pertains to the historical split between Anglicans and Roman Catholics. This year, it is also advised to offer a toast in thanksgiving for the beatification of John Henry Cardinal Nemwan, and to pray for his powerful intercession.

Finally, to declare to the world your participation in the 2nd Annual ACRD, join the Facebook event I have created to organize the event on the American Papist fanpage.

I hope to “see” all of you at the 2nd annual ACRD, and would encourage you to let your friends know about it, too! I would be happy to see in the comments any suggestions for added traditions which may enrich the experience for all this participating. Cheers!





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