Time Magazine Op-Ed: Perhaps “Some Time in Jail” for Catholic Bishops Defending Religious Liberty

Nothing defines a modern liberal better than a opportunity to deny fundamental rights to political opponents.  Case in point, a Time Magazine Ideas! Blogger Erika Christakis has some rather aggressive ones directed at Catholic Bishops

Let’s see what our society would look like if we all had the luxury of imposing our unfettered will. At a minimum, the Catholic bishops and employers resisting contraceptive coverage should be willing to pay for the care of all those unwanted children. Or perhaps they’d be willing to spend some time in jail in protest. At my taxpaying expense, of course.

Christakis, who claims some rather tenuous connections to Harvard (she is sort of Room-Mom) tells us that “Our social contract requires that we must occasionally stomach government policies that offend and outrage us”, so her suggestion…take the bait and suffer the moral consequences, or else go to jail.

Christakis (and Time) seem oblivious to the anti-American practice of jailing political opponents.  The United States has a massive system of laws and armies of lawyers to construct ways to follow (and sidestep) disagreeable mandates.

The Obama administration is fully aware of Federal Rules that provide exceptions to religious objectors (the Hyde Amendment, for example), but has chosen political campaigning above religious liberty.  Much like the Obama administrations refusal to compromise

We have set out our policy,” Jacob Lew told Fox News on Sunday. We are going to finalize it in the final rules

threats to jail religious leaders don’t seem conducive to a civil discussion of complex social and medical issues.

image Blessed Michael Pro in 1927 Mexico



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  • Olga

    “An unjust law is no law at all.” – St. Augustine

    This “President” is at the top of the tyrants who are pushing and imposing the spilling of innocent blood at all cost, our own U. S. Citizens, no less; while silencing True Religion in order to remove the one, true obstacle to life on earth and hereafter: Heaven or Hell.
    He is bent on destruction and he will stop at nothing to obtain full and absolute power over all of us.

    Wake up: God sees. Pray much.

    Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis!



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