Time Magazine Op-Ed: Perhaps “Some Time in Jail” for Catholic Bishops Defending Religious Liberty

Nothing defines a modern liberal better than a opportunity to deny fundamental rights to political opponents.  Case in point, a Time Magazine Ideas! Blogger Erika Christakis has some rather aggressive ones directed at Catholic Bishops

Let’s see what our society would look like if we all had the luxury of imposing our unfettered will. At a minimum, the Catholic bishops and employers resisting contraceptive coverage should be willing to pay for the care of all those unwanted children. Or perhaps they’d be willing to spend some time in jail in protest. At my taxpaying expense, of course.

Christakis, who claims some rather tenuous connections to Harvard (she is sort of Room-Mom) tells us that “Our social contract requires that we must occasionally stomach government policies that offend and outrage us”, so her suggestion…take the bait and suffer the moral consequences, or else go to jail.

Christakis (and Time) seem oblivious to the anti-American practice of jailing political opponents.  The United States has a massive system of laws and armies of lawyers to construct ways to follow (and sidestep) disagreeable mandates.

The Obama administration is fully aware of Federal Rules that provide exceptions to religious objectors (the Hyde Amendment, for example), but has chosen political campaigning above religious liberty.  Much like the Obama administrations refusal to compromise

We have set out our policy,” Jacob Lew told Fox News on Sunday. We are going to finalize it in the final rules

threats to jail religious leaders don’t seem conducive to a civil discussion of complex social and medical issues.

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  • Julie T.

    I followed your link to her rant–er, opinion–piece and, lo and behold, the first sponsored link at the end of it was this:

    Don’t let Congress take away your access to birth control. Act Now!

    “Pro-choice” is anything but choice. It is only a slogan to toss to the “useful idiots” by the totalitarian-minded.

  • tz1

    Jailing political opponents goes back to the alien and sedition act in Adams administration. Lincoln wasn’t shy about doing so. Wilson had an opponent imprisoned for quoting the first amendment. Read Letter from a birmingham Jail by MLK jr. – it isstill black history month. Now Obama willnhave the military arrest and detain without charge or access to lawyer. This is as American as Chevy and its bailout.

    Wilson struck a slow but fatal blow to Liberty and I’ve watched it die slowly over my 5 decades of exitence, while the people like those here cheer at the removal of an anachronism. It might have been saved if those who should know what natural law means would have attempted a rescue, but instead promote their own version of ‘the abolition of man’ – in this case a pseudo-catholic righetous robot (or extermination like those muslim vermin who won’t let themselves be robotomized – N.I.C.E. citizens instead of redeemed men) instead of brave new world.

    The problem itself is we wish to impose some unfettered will with all the corrupt coercion available to government at the federal level. We only argue which will is to be imposed.

    Catholics including the Bishops are free to argue for subsidiarity and to massively reduce power and the corruption that attends it at the federal level. Instead they want more! More! More!. They won’t give it up even for Lent.

    I have no more sympathy for the Bishops over the HHS mandate than I do of a heavy smoker that gets lung cancer. What did they expect? I must be helpful in combating the evil in both cases, and be charitable, but they wanted a massive, intrusive, corrupt, exapnsion of government and got it. They forgot not only the devil and flesh was the enemy, but the ‘world’ too.

    • Jason

      well put, tz1

  • James

    I find it ironic how those who always tout themselves as such champions of personal freedom are the first to quiet and lock up those who’s views oppose their own.

  • Colleen Barry

    Wow. this man is truly out of touch with Reality. SO Much I could say. Good in a way that we now know people against the actual purpose and meaning of our country are out there. I knew we had some educating to do but I didn’t know people could be this uneducated. I don’t mean as far as what degree they have, I mean understanding life and freedom and this country.

  • William Meyer

    Well, for any who doubt that the battle is joined, this very determined recasting of a First Amendment violation as a case of civil disobedience is pretty clear proof. It is also proof of the danger to society which comes from not teaching logic and reason.

    • Jasiu

      Mr Meyer…..your comment is RIGHT ON….PERFECT…..a simple statement of FACT……it is so evident that our education system has no idea of logical thought and reasoned conclusion……thank you…..



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