Time to become the Catholic Vote!

I’ve got pre-election fever! And the only cure is more blogging! 😀

We’re heading into the final 10 days before the November election, yet in many ways, the time we have to help create a positive outcome is even shorter.

I had a disconcerting experience yesterday. As I was browsing several campaign and election websites, I was struck by how much I wanted to help all these brave men and women who, seeing the problems in Washington, decided months ago to run in races where they knew from the outset they had little chance of winning.

Candidates like Rob Steele, a humble cardiologist from Michigan, running against John Dingell who – get this – has been in Washington DC for 55 YEARS.

Incredibly, many of these “Hail Mary pass” candidates are now within actual striking distance of winning their elections. Many of these candidates have never run for national office before. More establishment-types, after all, would have thought it foolish to run against elected officials who, until a year ago, appeared invulnerable. But that’s the wonderful thing about democracy – it surprises you.

Now I want to surprise them with a last-minute infusion of funds and resources from the CatholicVote / American Papist community to help their weary legs with a final burst of energy to race across the finish line. St. Paul would be proud.

Just today CatholicVote sent a special donation to George Phillips, who is running for New York’s 22nd Congressional District. We now have him up on our CV PAC endorsements page and I would urge you to check him out and support him. CatholicVote has full confidence in his positions and abilities.

To make things easier for us, I’ve setup a “November Short List” of five worthy candidates (including Rob Steele and George Phillips) I would urge you to support them. Two of the other five candidates should be familiar to you – Carly Fiorina and Keith Rothfus. My last pick, Charles Lollar, is a man I respect a good deal, having met and heard him talk here in DC some time ago, and after watching the horrible way he has been personally treated by his opponent, Steny Hoyer (Nancy Pelosi’s right-hand man). Bottom Line: If 20 of you donate $25 to this fund my goal of giving them each $100 will be met!

I use the new website ActRIGHT to create this easy way to donate to candidates. It is run by conservatives and you can see by who is receiving funds and what organizations are supported – it’s a good outfit we can all confidently get behind. I hope you consider taking a few moments today (or this weekend) to send some much-needed funds to the candidates you know best. What you do really does help.

Finally, CatholicVote has released a new ad for the run-up to the November 2nd elections. Any funds you can spare to help us get it on the air would be deeply appreciated.

I haven’t explained yet what was disconcerting about reading up on this group of candidates this election cycle: they look to me like ordinary folks. I know that’s a hackneyed phrase in our politics today, but this time it rang true for me. With the exception of Carly Fiorina – who I endorse for different reasons – these four candidates’ lives haven’t been marked by trying to become powerful or gain influence.

They’re just good people with the right ideas who want to help our country.

And for that, I hope they win. And I hope you can help them, too.



  • Tony Rotz

    I don’t think that Christ was particularly fond of the conservative mindset, and seemed to rail at those who were resistant to change, even to the point of death. I don’t believe its the governments job to change the hearts and minds of it’s citizens, nor would I want it to, nor do I want a government that enforces morals, witness Iran, or any number of other Islamic states. The question arises, whose morals, mine or someone else’s? It’s easy to say murder or theft, or causing harm to another should be punished and of course you could say abortion as well, but murder continues, thievery continues, and great harm to many continues and that leaves me to believe that it will take more than law to change the hearts of mankind and womenkind, for that matter, after all the Jews tried that way, and the Muslims are trying again, and as Christ so valiantly tried to reveal, was a great failure, and will fail again. I remember my mother telling me about the many abortions that were performed when she was young and that was when they were illegal and very likely at least as many as today, or nearly so. One thing that the abortion law brought about was that what was once done in darkness is now brought out into the light where where it can be seen for what it is and can be fought against through the power of Truth and Love, which is Christ. No one can force people to be good, they have to be led to the what is good, to what is Truth, to Love and Life. The alternative is more prisons, especially for young women.

    • Bruce

      Your first line makes absolutely no sense in respect to Scripture.

      • Francis

        Could you explain that, Bruce?


    I’ve always said, “What the Catholic Church needs is another Inquisition.” Keep up the good work, boys!

    • Tom

      Being some one that is pro-life, very much against abortion, I can tell you that this kind of Taliban like talk is going nowhere. The Church is in dire need of an internal “inquisition” over the Maciel scandal, yet the Cardinal delegate in charge of this disaster is keeping the very leaders that were behind this mess. To have credibility with young people, including those that are seeking abortion, Church leaders need to start to lead by example, and not just by blah, blah, blah. Otherwise their abortion stances become just political abstract gimmicks, to make them feel like they are doing something. But if it will make you feel better, sit and rant behind your computer, by all means.

  • miss

    will a straight republican ticket be a vote for all the candidates mentioned above?

  • WFFolger

    Yes, helping out conservative campaigns beyond one’s own precinct is what I practice. It is especially important this historic election. And blogging to restore America is good and proper. The link below addresses what we can do in the crucial “homestretch” we’re now in, as key races ARE tightening.

    The danger is complacency, perhaps our resting on memory of those encouraging summer polls. But Beware: the dark side has an excellent ground game to maximize *their* TURNOUT twelve days from now. So, Ora et LABORA in the homestretch!

    The short blog below presents “Intelligent God-Talk” that needs to be urged by *locals* to be voiced by their own precinct’s *God-believing candidates on the stump* without having to sound at all like Billy Sunday preachers.

    That’s readily achieved because “IGT” builds on language already in the Declaration of Independence and is also parallel to George Washington’s willingness to praise and thank God and to acknowledge that we need God.

    An old political maxim “all politics is local” makes it practical to implement “IGT” *simultaneously* across America in the short time remaining if we but have the will. See why it’s practical, in:

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  • Bruce

    Pro-life – Yes? Gets my vote.

    Pro-marriage (1 man + 1 woman) – Yes? Gets my vote.

    Flunk those two, and you lose.

    • Francis

      So if I can answer yes to those two questions, but I can’t distinguish a continent from a country, I’m in? Or, if I can answer yes to those 2 questions, but I have no clue how to handle the multitude of other issues – the economy for instance – I’m in? I should run for president!! Apparently, I don’t even have to mean it when I say “yes” to those 2 questions, people will vote for me anyway!

      • Scott W.

        Is it possible you are being unecessarily argumentative? This snarkiness says more about you than Bruce.

      • Bruce

        Francis, are you capable of knowing one’s intent without him or her telling you? If not, that means you are human and can only take people at their word. If you try to judge intent without having such power, based solely upon the rejection of someone’s word, you are condemning someone. That is strictly forbidden. All humans can do is judge people’s words and actions, not their intent. We vote according to words and actions as well, not intentions. So if a politician on either side speaks words supporting abortion and sodomy, and actively creates laws supporting both, we can judge such words and actions as vile and wrong. We do not judge their intention, nor do we claim that they are vile and wrong human beings, but we do judge their words and actions as such, and do not vote for them as a result.

        • Francis

          “All humans can do is judge people’s words and actions, not their intent.” I’m not sure that’s really true. Don’t our court systems make those kinds of judgments all the time? I mean, if Bruce breaks Scott’s arm, doesn’t it matter what his intent is? If he breaks Scott’s arm by accident, there will be one set of penalties. If he breaks Scott’s arm intentionally, there will be a different set of penalties.

          People who limit their criteria to those two issues – abortion and gay marriage – make their own job of voting quite easy, but they ignore many other problems that society faces.

          • Scott W.

            Who says they limit it to those two issues? I take Bruce’s comments that a candidate who supports abortion and gay marriage is automatically disqualified and that doesn’t mean that a candidate who doesn’t is automatically qualified. It is a perfectly reasonable filtering process and implying that anyone guided by it is a simpleton is insulting.



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