Time to Hit the Phones for Marriage and Religious Liberty in New York!

Efforts to redefine marriage have met with a string of defeats this year.

They lost their bid to redefine marriage in the Maryland legislature first, then the Rhode Island legislature.

In Minnesota, the legislature voted in May to allow the people of that state to define marriage as between one man and one woman in 2012, and the last remaining states may soon follow suit.

The last chance gay activists have to redefine marriage in a state this year is New York. There has been an unprecedented effort to force undecided Senators in that state to redefine marriage.

That’s where we come in. If you live in New York, please call these Senators and say you don’t want them to redefine marriage. And forward this to as many of your friends in New York as possible. Thank you!

Joe Addabbo (15, Queens) (518) 455-2322
James Alesi (55, Rochester suburbs) (518) 455-2015
Greg Ball (40, Putnam County) (518) 455-3111
Joe Griffo (47, Utica) (518) 455-3334
Mark Grisanti (60, Buffalo, Grand Island, Niagara Falls) (518) 455-3240
Shirley Huntley (10, Queens) (518) 455-3531
Carl Kruger (27, Brooklyn) (518) 455-2460
Andrew Lanza (24, Staten Island) (518) 455-3215
Betty Little (45, North Country stretching from Plattsburgh to Glens Falls) (518) 455-2811
Jack Martins (7, Nassau County/Garden City) 518-455-3265
Roy McDonald (43, north and east of Albany: Troy, Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park) (518) 455-2381

Redefining marriage only becomes “inevitable” if we do nothing to protect it. Or as I heard someone recently say, darkness only advances when light retreats. So let’s not retreat!

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  • Mary P

    Many thanks for your support of our efforts here! We’re doing the best that we can, but the initial reports don’t look too good. As Whitney so accurately put it, it is hard to keep the majority of us who are conservative from being sucked down into the cesspool that is NYC. Please keep praying…

  • john

    The homosexual activists would have you believe that they simply want equality and recognition.This of course is a lie.Homosexuals have the same rights as everyone else,perhaps they are even more protected by laws than the average person.They seek to indermine the Church,and to destroy the family unit as established by God.If anyone wants to truly see where we are at read Romans1:16-32.Homosexuals set themselves up against God.They are not born that way regardless of what heretic Lady Gaga sings.God created us and calls us to be holyas He Himself is holy.Satan is the father of lies and he mimics all of Gods creation with his countercreation..in place of light,dark..in place of love..lust..in place of life and the culture of life Satan brings the culture of death.The culture of death is abortion..the killing of life in the womb that was ordained and created by God.The culture of death is homosexuality..which can not reproduce life..and is in itself a lie.It is relationships based on lust,power and control of one over the other..2 homosexuals can never become one as a man and woman can.They seek to destroy the church through laws and to force upon all their sinful and perverted behavior.They seek to corrupt our children and to indoctrinate them and manipulate them through de-education in schools.Prayer has been removed from schools and replaced by Planned Parenthood and Gay/Straight alliance.The anti-bullying laws is just another sheepskin cover to protect the homosexual agenda.Unfortunately they have gained such a foothold in every aspect of our society.They are our lawmakers,judges,teachers,politicians,entertainers.They have the clout and the tools to make this battle an extremely difficult one.However what we need to do to combat this is use the tools that God has given us..the rosary,and fasting..these 2 weapons are more powerful than any military.The Blessed Mother said that these two things can change anything.This is not our battle..this is Marys battle.Itis she who will crush the serpents head.It is she whom God ordained to bring about the devils downfall.As Mary stated..in the end her Immaculate heart shall triumph.It’s time we apply the tag and let her fulfill Gods will.In the meantime we must stay on top of our children and continue to educate them in the faith as well as de-educate them from what they’re taught in schools.We need to throw our weight behind God fearing men and women who will run for office and remove those who are part of this culture of death.We need to enlarge our families and raise up children for God as future lawyers,judges,politicians.Eventually the homosexuals and abortionists will not be able to replace themselves or keep up their numbers with us.We need to start rejecting Hollywood and other forms of entertainers who support their agenda.Keep your children from serving in the military which unfortunately was the last moral bastion of our society that has finally fallen to this rotten govt’s homosexual agenda.We are reaping the fruits of what happens when we know longer require those in powerful positions to have any moral compass or ethics.As long as we continue to turn our backs on God..we will be handed over to our enemies.This is our battle of Lepanto…let’s start praying the rosary and sacrificing for our nation,our children and our families.Trust in God and call upon the Holy Spirit with confidence..for we already have been given the promise that the victory shall be achieved.Lets do our part by helping Mary do hers.Sorrowful and Immacuale Heart of Mary pray for us.

  • Kevin

    Wow! That’s not my God.



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