Tonight – Watch AmP on EWTN!

As many of you may remember, last month I flew down to EWTN’s studios in Alabama to tape an episode of Life on the Rock. It was very fun seeing the various sets where EWTN shows are taped, and meeting the wonderful staff that works behind the scenes to keep the whole operation running smoothly.

It was also a real treat to have some time chatting with co-host Doug Barry. More on his exciting work soon, I hope.

Tonight my episode is going to air for the first time at 10PM EST. There are also rebroadcasts on Friday at 9AM and 8PM EST. I believe you can watch the broadcast live, online here on the EWTN website.

In the episode I have a spirited conversation with the hosts about what got me started blogging, my favorite blogging stories over the years, a bit more about my life, background and current work, and of course, a few questions submitted by AmP readers!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the show if you have the free time to watch it.



  • Joe d

    I love what you are doing Thomas!

  • Eugénie

    Dave and I watched it with great excitement and admiration. How wonderful to hear that young people are taking such an active interest in the defence of our wonderful Church. Keep up the good work. We are writing from Yzerfontein South Africa, two elderly 75 and 80 year olds.
    God Bless and continue to strengthen your ministry.

  • Emily

    I watched you on Thursday with the ‘Rock House Compadres’ as Doug likes to call himself and Father Mark. I thought it was a great episode. I try to watch Life on the Rock every week.

  • barb finnegan

    Thomas-I just watched your appearance on ‘Life on the Rock’ via EWTN’s YouTube channel. I don’t have TV at home since everything went digital, and the only way I can watch EWTN is online through my laptop computer. I’ve read your blog every since late 2004, when I stumbled across it while surfing. Finally, I got the chance to see and hear you today-you are an inspiration to Catholic young people (and even ‘not so young’ ones like me-I’m a single woman of 56 years). You’re so articulate and intelligent-kudos to your parents for raising such a fine son!

    I nearly laughed out loud here in the bookstore when I heard about your friend yelling ‘Ratzinger rocks!’ at the 2003 Mass in St. Peter’s! The reaction of the future Pope Benedict XVI (cracking a smile as he walked past you and your friend) was priceless! But I bet at the time, you felt like sinking into the floor of St. Peter’s or saying, ‘I don’t know this guy [meaning your friend].’

    May Jesus and Mary bless you in your electronic apostolate!



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