Tonight: Watch me on The World Over on Midterm elections, the Catholic vote, etc.

I’ll be on the World Over with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN tonight at 8PM EST, discussing the midterm elections, the Catholic Vote, and the recent attempts to marginalize the “orthodox” Catholic blogosphere. It’s sure to be a fun discussion and you can watch it online live here if you don’t get EWTN on TV.

I’m going to be busier than usual the rest of the day, so be sure to tune into the AmP Twitter and Facebook news feeds to keep up on all the stories I think are important!



  • Antonio P Dias

    I watched you on EWTN, and was impressed by your courage and dinamism in defending catholic teachings today. You’re awesome and as someone commented here, you’re gifted by the holy spirit in the work you’re doing for the Church. Excellent job and God bless you always. I am originally from Brazil, I wish we had someone like you there!

  • Wilhelmina

    Dear Thomas,
    I was so impressed hearing you on World Over. I am from Australia and am so heartened to see a young and bold Catholic face up to the media and present the Truth with courage and faith. You are truly gifted by the Holy Spirit and we could do with lots of young catholics like you. You are the future of the church, praise God. Love your blog and will place it on my “favourites”.

    Will keep you constantly in prayer and God bless you abundantly.

  • Don L


    Caught you on EWTN and was so impressed I had to add this blog to my favorites. I too am a “Fulton Sheen days” Catholic and stand amazed at the antics of the USCCB. I wonder deeply about where those old Liberation theology dissendents went and their present influence when I see the bishops so absent on the second of the dual tragedies in Obamacare.
    1. Abortion (that Sestak love affair allowing abortion/Obamacare to advance, was certainly not the work of men as smart as serpents)
    2. Even as important in the long run, is the total lack of concern about the principle of subsidiarity (did they even mention it – where was the passion – the education? the pastoral insistance?)

    I’m still waiting for some other things to happen:
    1. Who and how did ACORN get funded to help advance the most pro-abortion/infanticide (intent)president in history? Is there and investigation? Will the donors of this money ever learn the real truth? Can these bishops ever be trusted with funds again?

    2. Lastly, when 53% of Catholics voted for a pro-abortion party and president, why didn’t the bishops immediately call for major reform of the American Catholic Church? Catechesis? Notre Dame? Are they waiting for the last American Man for All Seasons till they do something about the hemmoraging? Where are the sheperds while their sheep are running to the slaughterhouse?



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