Top 10 Awkward Facts About the Atheist Monument


Atheists unveiled a monument next to a Ten Commandments monument in Florida. The group that built it plans to put up 50 more nationwide.

monument1. A quote on it says: “An atheist believes that a hospital should be built instead of a church.” Which is awkward, because we really haven’t seen all those hospitals the atheists were going to build …

2. The hospital quote is also awkward because it clearly should have said: “An atheist believes that 50 monuments to atheism should be built nationwide instead of a hospital.”*

3. A quote on the monument says atheists “Want war eliminated.” Which is awkward because warriors like Stalin and Lenin and Mao and Hoxha and Ceau?escu – were all atheists.

4. The monument also mocks the punishments threatened in the Old Testament. Awkward: Far worse brutality was actually committed by the atheist warriors listed above – in our lifetime.

5. The “We want war eliminated” quote is also awkward because all of the other quotes on the monument are from Founding Fathers known for starting a war with England.

6. It’s awkward that at the dedication, a preacher used the monument to preach Christ, and the free thinkers got mad at his free thinking.

7. It’s awkward that the monument has what looks like a biohazard symbol on it.

8. But the symbol actually shows an atom. J.J. Thomson won the 1906 Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering the electron. He was a churchgoer who read the Bible every night. Which is awkward for atheists.

9. A quote on the monument says “An atheist strives for involvement in life and not escape into death.” Awkward: atheists Jack Kevorkian (Dr. Death) and Derek Humphry (founder of the Hemlock Society) would disagree.

10. A New Jersey-based group went to Florida to build an atheist monument. That sounds kind of … missionary and proselytizing. Which is awkward for people who are against that kind of thing …


* I thank my atheist friends for correcting my mistake here as to the cost of the monument, which was $6,000, a much better deal than the $22,000 Ten Commandments monument, and the nationwide plans for 50 more (not necessarily every state, thankfully).

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  1. Not awkward at all if you erase the logical fallacies and outright untruths or distortions in the article,
    1. Nearly all hospitals that are public, and private that do not use religion as a bases for care is essentially atheistic… It doesn’t have to say atheist on it.
    2. Throughout history, people have been known to have the capabilities to do two or more things.
    3. Yes, there were warriors and leaders that were atheist, but if that is the barometer, how many were, and still are theists?
    4. Same as above with additional example of the drowning of ALL but 8 of your millions of people? How wicked were they?
    5. Fighting for rights and liberties is essential if they cannot be achieved peaceably.
    6. We didn’t care that he preached his crap, he stood on top of the monument, displacing the unset adhesives, requiring repair (please confirm this with Hovind). How is that for showing respect for the property of others?
    7 & 8. Funny how you recognize the atom, but choose the describe it as something unrelated. Also, it doesn’t matter the beliefs of the discoverer of a truth, only that it is true. One can be correct about one thing (atoms) and wrong about another (gods).
    9.Apparently our wanting to end suffering at the end of life steals the joy of pain from your god…and maybe you. Sorry, the quote stands on its own.
    10. Coca Cola is based in Atlanta but sold all over the world. There are atheists outside of NJ as well. I am one… and I live in Florida.

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