Top 10 Awkward Facts About the Atheist Monument

Atheists unveiled a monument next to a Ten Commandments monument in Florida. The group that built it plans to put up 50 more nationwide.

monument1. A quote on it says: “An atheist believes that a hospital should be built instead of a church.” Which is awkward, because we really haven’t seen all those hospitals the atheists were going to build …

2. The hospital quote is also awkward because it clearly should have said: “An atheist believes that 50 monuments to atheism should be built nationwide instead of a hospital.”*

3. A quote on the monument says atheists “Want war eliminated.” Which is awkward because warriors like Stalin and Lenin and Mao and Hoxha and Ceaușescu – were all atheists.

4. The monument also mocks the punishments threatened in the Old Testament. Awkward: Far worse brutality was actually committed by the atheist warriors listed above – in our lifetime.

5. The “We want war eliminated” quote is also awkward because all of the other quotes on the monument are from Founding Fathers known for starting a war with England.

6. It’s awkward that at the dedication, a preacher used the monument to preach Christ, and the free thinkers got mad at his free thinking.

7. It’s awkward that the monument has what looks like a biohazard symbol on it.

8. But the symbol actually shows an atom. J.J. Thomson won the 1906 Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering the electron. He was a churchgoer who read the Bible every night. Which is awkward for atheists.

9. A quote on the monument says “An atheist strives for involvement in life and not escape into death.” Awkward: atheists Jack Kevorkian (Dr. Death) and Derek Humphry (founder of the Hemlock Society) would disagree.

10. A New Jersey-based group went to Florida to build an atheist monument. That sounds kind of … missionary and proselytizing. Which is awkward for people who are against that kind of thing …


* I thank my atheist friends for correcting my mistake here as to the cost of the monument, which was $6,000, a much better deal than the $22,000 Ten Commandments monument, and the nationwide plans for 50 more (not necessarily every state, thankfully).


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  • ABH

    1. “An atheist believes that a hospital should be built instead of a church.” Which would be brilliant if we had a fraction of the money the vatican spends self-glorifying & persecuting homosexuals.
    2. The hospital quote is also pertinent as it could say: “…believes in the power of research to enhance life, instead of regarding suffering as curse or design, embryos as sacred, or prayer as useful.”
    3. Atheists “Want war eliminated.” A generalisation but suffices to say religious hubris accounts for most of it, while the non-entity of atheism has no such agency.
    4. The monument mocks the punishments threatened in the Old Testament. Awkward: there people who actually think it is divinely inspired, which makes it kind of hard to laugh.
    5. The “We want war eliminated” quote could also seem incongruent with quotes from founders who violently revolted against the imperial United Kingdom, but Logic.
    6. At the dedication, free thinkers frowned upon others’ free thoughts. The very point of free thinking is that your audience need not be content. Not all people find this easy to understand.
    7. It is awkward that scientific illiterates could mistake the logo for something it resembles not one bit.
    8. The logo actually depicts an idealised atomic structure, discovered in the earty 20th century when human ignorance still allowed religion to be a pervasive norm. Science has & will continue to make more discoveries, including ways to share them, which is awkward for theists.
    9. One quote says “An atheist strives for involvement in life and not escape into death.” Some people support euthanasia, which is useful for people whose capacity for involvement is outweighed by suffering, but others would rather see them suffer than sophisticate their evaluation of consent & death beyond the bronze age.
    10. A NJ-based group went to FL to build a counter-theistic monument. It’s annoying how much effort is required just to defend secular democracy from religious fanatics.

  • Thomas

    The awkward thing is people claiming atheism means anything more than rejecting the belief in a god.

    • coyotenose

      The actual awkward thing is people who can’t tell the difference between a null hypothesis and an actual philosophy, even when it’s explained to them slowly and clearly.

  • Tom
  • Michael

    I have no idea what these people are thinking by putting up an atheist monument in the first place. Atheists don’t subscribe to any homogenous doctrine; we simply don’t believe that Gods exist. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

    • coyotenose

      FFRF has explained the reasoning clearly. It isn’t a monument to atheism. It is demonstrating why no such monuments espousing any religious viewpoints should be on government property.

      The author’s irrational response to even such a tame example itself proves the point.

      • Joe M


        How does building another monument demonstrate how there shouldn’t be monuments on government property?

        In fact, that atheists could build their own monument proves that the 10 Commandments Monument did not infringe upon their equality or liberty.

  • Frank

    What a silly article. Shame on you

  • Bob

    Re: Who wrote this, a 5 yr old? There’s no logic to any of these statements.

    #1) Atheists don’t feel the need to dedicate efforts to the non-existence of a god. Plenty of hospitals have been built with the donations of charitable atheists. Bill Gates’ donations will be used to build 10 hospitals in nigeria this year.
    2) Monuments and hospitals are not mutually exclusive. Atheists can build both. And the only reason they’re building monuments is to counteract the stupidity invited by existing religious monuments.
    3) The people named were atheists that happened to go to war for other reasons. They didn’t go to war for the cause of atheism. The religious cannot say the same. The vast majority of the human conflict is a direct result of religion.
    4) First of all, untrue. Second of all, if you’re religion makes you enlightened and morally superior, why are you no better than atheists as regards brutality?
    5) There isn’t even a point being made here.
    6) When “free thinking” consists of believing what you want to believe in the face of mountains of evidence to the contrary, with absolutely no empirical facts to back up what you’re saying, your “free thought” is intellectually lazy and rightfully the subject of ridicule.
    7) “Our religious symbols are prettier than your atheist symbols.” Wow. Nice argument. And here I thought religious people were dumb.
    8) He lived in 1906. If he didn’t go to church, evil religious people (that’s redundant) would probably have executed him for the heresy of his scientific discoveries.
    9) You clearly have logic problems. The largest promise religion makes is that maximum happiness will be granted in the afterlife. Hence the note on the monument. Again, Kevorkian, e.g., does not do what he does in the name of the atheist movement.
    10) Atheism isn’t an alternate to religious belief. It is the ABSENCE of religious belief. No Atheist is trying to force ideas on you. They are trying to get you to be more intelligent about which ideas you do buy into.

    • Joe M

      1) They why did atheists feel the need to dedicate a monument to themselves?

      2) Building monuments is stupid. So, atheists had to build one in response. You’re right. You have great logic.

      3) In other words, atheism does not make a person any less willing to engage in horrible atrocities. Nor does the claim that “we” atheists want to eliminate war make historical sense.

      4) I can’t speak for all religions. But, Catholicism does not claim that people are perfect. It’s the opposite really.

      5) How could you miss the point? The monument hypocritically quotes people who acted in contradiction to other claims on the monument.

      6) Then what you are saying is that thought really isn’t free to you. So, why call yourself a free thinker?

      8) Wow. An atheist that believes in evil. And you’re lecturing people about logic and empirical evidence?

      9) You forgot to address the first part of the monuments claim. That atheists strive for involvement in life. Atheists assisting others to commit suicide obviously contradicts that claim.

      10) If no atheist is trying to force ideas on people with this monument, then you should agree that a 10 Commandments monument is also not trying to force ideas on people.



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