Top 10 Awkward Facts About the Atheist Monument

Atheists unveiled a monument next to a Ten Commandments monument in Florida. The group that built it plans to put up 50 more nationwide.

monument1. A quote on it says: “An atheist believes that a hospital should be built instead of a church.” Which is awkward, because we really haven’t seen all those hospitals the atheists were going to build …

2. The hospital quote is also awkward because it clearly should have said: “An atheist believes that 50 monuments to atheism should be built nationwide instead of a hospital.”*

3. A quote on the monument says atheists “Want war eliminated.” Which is awkward because warriors like Stalin and Lenin and Mao and Hoxha and Ceaușescu – were all atheists.

4. The monument also mocks the punishments threatened in the Old Testament. Awkward: Far worse brutality was actually committed by the atheist warriors listed above – in our lifetime.

5. The “We want war eliminated” quote is also awkward because all of the other quotes on the monument are from Founding Fathers known for starting a war with England.

6. It’s awkward that at the dedication, a preacher used the monument to preach Christ, and the free thinkers got mad at his free thinking.

7. It’s awkward that the monument has what looks like a biohazard symbol on it.

8. But the symbol actually shows an atom. J.J. Thomson won the 1906 Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering the electron. He was a churchgoer who read the Bible every night. Which is awkward for atheists.

9. A quote on the monument says “An atheist strives for involvement in life and not escape into death.” Awkward: atheists Jack Kevorkian (Dr. Death) and Derek Humphry (founder of the Hemlock Society) would disagree.

10. A New Jersey-based group went to Florida to build an atheist monument. That sounds kind of … missionary and proselytizing. Which is awkward for people who are against that kind of thing …


* I thank my atheist friends for correcting my mistake here as to the cost of the monument, which was $6,000, a much better deal than the $22,000 Ten Commandments monument, and the nationwide plans for 50 more (not necessarily every state, thankfully).


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  • Jose

    I don’t believe in bigfoot.

    And I’m not going to raise monuments about it. That would be dumb.

    • ABH

      If your local town hall was raising a monument to bigfootian principles (including one that instruct you to believe and condemn disbelief) under assumption of official influence, and not satirically, you might reconsider. The point is that bigfoot had no business appearing there in the first place. However, you do bless us with what would have been a much better idea for the response.

      • Joe M

        If the principles being raised were not laws that I had to abide by, I would not have a problem with it.

        Our government buildings are covered with quotes, principles, etc. By law, we are free to disagree with all of them.

        The case of the 10 commandments monument is no different.

  • Rachael

    1) atheists had enough money to choose between building monuments or building hospitals…they chose monuments. Christians believing in worshiping a creator of Love decided hospitals were better choices to help the sick and needy. we don’t believe in self worship.

    2)some of us hold life at value and sacred regardless of religion. just because you see life as pointless don’t mean the rest of us have to. some of us enjoy being healthy and leading good lives. as an atheist you should respect that more. seeing as how you only have one life to live.

    3)atheism believes in all life sprang from an immoral universe. so war shouldn’t bother you too much then. it’s just cause and effect right?

    4) if you think its okay to mock christianity why didn’t you bother to mock all the other religions on the your monument?

    5) atheists still fought in wars. so it’s still hypocrisy

    6) for people who don’t believe in higher powers, you sure do get mad when someone doesn’t believe what you believe

    7) why have a symbol to begin with. life doesn’t begin at conception and you are just food for warms. why bother standing for anything?

    8) but you still don’t deny the symbol represents something that a Christian discovered. — Even Albert Einstein enjoyed reading, and suggested people to read the bible.

    9)somehow I see you as one of those people who would rather see their dog suffer and die naturally rather than have it euthanized. but if it came to a human suffering you would say “go ahead and put em down”

    10) atheism is a religion…and you are also a religious fanatic — pot meet kettle.

    • ABH

      Hi Rachael
      1) A secularist group used money donated for the purpose of defending secularism to do just that. Real charities have to honour their donors intentions as a condition of earn their status. Churches have no such accountability, so are free to build anything they like, but only ever do so with a catch.
      2) I think most people value life, as you say – regardless of religion. But none have a right to impose that valuation on people who whose suffering stops them sharing it for their own – people in miserable health who cannot lead good lives. I respect one’s will as a person much more than their biological presence.
      3) Atheism does no more than reject theistic claims. Would the horror of war seriously not be apparent to you were it not for the sense that a superatural being magicked us into existence is watching it happen?
      4) Not my monument. But criticism applies to matters at hand – a Christian monument. It would be indecent to just start slagging off anyone else without provocation.
      5) People fight in wars; therefore it is hypocritical to condemn war if you are also a person… Is that your final answer?
      6) When people who believe in higher powers hold in disregard and antipathy those who don’t believe what they believe, it is rather maddening. But oddly, greater madness comes from them when told simply to stop doing that.
      7) I don’t rate that logo myself. Honestly: Would you have no inclination to enjoy yourself or leave the world a better place for those that come after you, were it not for the idea of an omnipotent being watching over it? That would be, absorbed, to say the least.
      8) Members of every religion and none have discovered loads of thing. I have no reason to deny any of them credit. One would have to be hideously childish to do so in response to what they did or didn’t personally believe.
      9) Somehow… How-how? This is some desperate conduct. What did the high ground do to upset you?
      10) Fanatic: One with extreme, irrational zeal for a cause. In this instance, a heavy and reality-denying accusation afforded by spontaneous bad-temper for no more than having one’s views challenged; reasoning not even attempted… I encourage you to think about what possessed you to react as you did.

  • Non Believer

    One awkward fact about Catholics, Protestants, Christians, Jews and Muslims alike, is that they are all delusional for believing in an omniscient sky fairy, and as a result they don’t comprehend reason or rational thought.

  • Rich

    Putting up monuments is exactly what Muslims & Christians do around the world. Now we have atheist attempting to convert others by construction monuments. My “God” when will people stop proselytizing and just leave others alone no matter what their beliefs!

  • Chris Jacobsen

    This items in this list are all rather weak, much like the argument for the existence of gods. Try this publication for a rebuttal.

    • Joe M

      More evidence that today’s atheists are hypocritically thin-skinned.

      They spend a great deal of time insulting religious people and then cry foul when the joke is on them.

  • Bartis

    Stalin, Mao and the likes were communists, and acted through that ideology. Trying to pin their actions on atheism is moronic. You might as well claim they did itbecause of their lack of belief in psychics.



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