Trifecta: *Three more* Planned Parenthood clinics caught by LiveAction aiding underage sex trafficking

It’s been a bad week for Planned Parenthood, which means it has been a good week for preventing the further endemic exploitation of women at their clinics and exposing the real Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood’s response to the first two videos released by LiveAction has been one of “contain and control.”

Now, the whole lid has been blown off:

An institutional crisis has engulfed the highest levels of Planned
Parenthood. Now, three more Virginia clinics have been caught up on tape willing to aid and abet traffickers of underage girls. Footage from clinics in Falls Church, Roanoke and Charlottesville.

Roanoke Planned Parenthood Full Video

Falls Church Full Footage

Charlottesville Full Video

These videos are in addition to the videos (Vid 1Vid 2) LiveAction has already released of Planned Parenthood clinics doing the same thing in New Jersey and Richmond, VA.

What do all these videos show? With nauseating predictability, Planned Parenthood’s operational procedure is to aid and abet the exploitation of women, in violation of the law, all in pursuit of their blind adherence to administering abortions to anyone. This is not only an ideological commitment: abortion is big business for Planned Parenthood. And for too long the government has turned a blind eye to their exploitation.

LiveAction has sent a letter (PDF) to VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli demanding action.

Yesterday NJ Governor Chris Christie vetoed a Planned Parenthood funding bill.

Now is the time to end the status quo which forces us to send our tax dollars to this abusive industry.

Please contact your members in Congress and ask them to support HR217, the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act which will defund Planned Parenthood. Here is the list of current co-sponsors (currently at 154). You can find your representative here.

You can also use a form letter provided by ExposePlannedParenthood here.

I’ll be updating this post with more details as they emerge.

UPDATE: Vote in this FoxNews online poll, Should Planned Parenthood be Stripped of Its Federal Funding? (we are currently winning with 91% of the vote!)



  • Liz

    I think the thing I have learned from these videos coming out (which is great, Thank You God), is how far gone pro-abortionsists are. You would think anyone that sees these videos would acknowledge that something is seriously wrong with PP. However, people are instead backing PP and campaigning all the “good” work they do!?!?! I guess to fuel such an evil empire you need insanity to be the inspiration for your reasoning.

  • Say something

    I watched the three videos but did not see in them what you alleged. The “operational procedure” I saw was the providing of everyday facts about their legal services, information which can legally be provided to anyone. Beyond that, I saw three workers who looked concerned if not shocked, and that’s hardly demonstrative of “operational procedure” to engage in criminal acts. Perhaps some people see something more sinister, as St. Thomas said, “from a man being evil in himself, and from this very fact, as though conscious of his own wickedness, he is prone to think evil of others.”

  • MPal12

    How ironic that at the end of the “Falls” video there is a “Happy Birthday” balloon when so many babies are denied their own birthday :(

  • Greg Smih

    These women were a lot cagier than the first ones. None of this “I don’t want to know” business and keeping to what apears to me to be thbe letter of the law. All she knows is a guy who gave his forst name only said he’s pimping under aged girls. Obligatede to report???? I’d love to see the memo about Lila’s most recient investigations that surely went out to all PP affiliates.

  • mam

    YOW!!! I just watched the Falls Church video and it’s absolutely mind-boggling. Explosive stuff but will probably be ignored by the media.



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