Trolls, Marriage, and A Modern-Day Warrior


Some public figures are plagued by paparazzi. Others, by trolls.

As well-spoken as he is outspoken, Dr. Ryan Anderson has become a world leader in the pro-marriage movement, advocating for the rights of children to have a mother and a father whenever possible. Beginning with his book “What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense,” co-authored by Robert George and Sherif Girgis, Anderson continues to prove himself to be an intellectual powerhouse and a tireless voice for the goods of marriage.

Following this summer’s SCOTUS decision Obergefell vs. Hodges, Anderson published another landmark book entitled “Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom.” He says:

I wrote this book for all Americans. For those who disagree with me, to at least understand my arguments. For those who agree, to better understand the nature of the debate and the reasons supporting the truth. For those undecided, to get one thoughtful take on what the future should hold.

I draw on the best of philosophy and social science to explain what marriage is, why it matters for public policy, and the consequences of its legal redefinition.

I also explain why the Court’s ruling is a significant setback for all Americans who believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, democratic self-government, and marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The U.S. Supreme Court got it wrong: It should not have mandated all 50 states to redefine marriage. Its ruling is pure judicial activism.

Already we are seeing attacks on religious liberty–predicated on the bogus equation of opposition to same-sex marriage with racism–and modest efforts in Indiana and other states to protect believers’ rights have met with hysterics from media and corporate elites. I tell the stories of innocent citizens who have been coerced and penalized by the government, and I offer a strategy to protect the natural right of religious liberty.

I also report on the latest research on same-sex parenting, filling it out with the testimony of children raised by gays and lesbians. I conclude with a comprehensive roadmap on how to rebuild a culture of marriage, with work to be done by everyone.

After hundreds of lectures at law schools and college campuses and dozens of TV interviews, I think I’ve written a must-read manual on where to go from here. There are reasonable and compelling arguments for the truth about marriage, but too many of our neighbors haven’t heard them. Truth is never on “the wrong side of history,” but we have to make the case. We will decide which side of history we are on.

Despite the book’s reasonable arguments and respectful tone, the opposition has descended upon Anderson with ferocity. After the book’s release, 40% of “customers” gave it a 1-star rating. According to Amazon, however, only one of those who left a 1-star review had either read or purchased the book. In an orchestrated attack (read here for evidence), activists are attempting to silence Anderson.

The flaw in their plan? They haven’t read the book.

These “trolls” — activists who spend hours on the internet each day harassing those with whom they disagree — are doing their best to sink “Truth Overruled.” In an interview with Marguerite Bowling at the Daily Signal, Anderson says he welcomes honest and honorable criticism from those who disagree:

Anderson was surprised Amazon approved the reviews too. But he said these activists on the Left aren’t representative: “The one-star reviewers do not represent ordinary liberals…Ordinary Americans on the left are honorable and open-minded. Consider ‘San Francisco Amazon Fangirl.’ That reviewer gave the book five stars even though ‘I totally disagree with Ryan Anderson on this crucial issue of individual rights and equality.'”

Unfortunately, most of the comments are no more sophisticated than those of a playground bully. What a pity we cannot blame these blatant tactics on the immaturity of school-aged children.

Insecurity was easy to spot on the playground. And it is just as evident in the combox.

Regardless of one’s views on the marriage issue, it is clear that these bullies have no interest in respectful dialogue with a man who humbly strives for the truth. Ryan Anderson has been a warrior for the rights of children and religious freedom.

It’s time to throw our support behind him.

You can order “Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom” here:

Be sure to read it, and then to give it an honest review.

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