U of I to Review Dr. Howell Case


From the Chicago Tribune

Faculty at the University of Illinois will review the case of a religion professor removed from the classroom after a student labeled his explanation of the Roman Catholic teaching on homosexuality as “hate speech.”

Chancellor Robert Easter has asked the University of Illinois’ Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure to determine whether the university violated the academic freedom of adjunct associate professor Kenneth Howell by barring him from teaching classes on introduction to Catholicism and modern Catholic thought.



One thought on “U of I to Review Dr. Howell Case

  1. Mary Angela Multhauf says:

    What a shame that it has come to this in our country, where a religious instructor is not even permitted to teach the tenets of his faith. For this teacher, to speak the truth of the Church’s teachings is clearly not hate speech, but the student’s and the university’s response is definitely religious persecution. A new era of religious persecution in civilized society has certainly begun. Let us all pray and hope and act to fight the good fight and remain on the side of truth and goodness.

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