UK Sunday Show Guest Defends Murder of Suffering Children

File this under most shocking video of the day.  Maybe most shocking video of the year.

During yesterday’s BBC Sunday Morning Live program presumably covering the subject of abortion/euthanasia and handicapped children with an on screen title “can abortion be a kindness,” The Independent columnist Virginia Ironside openly defends the murder of handicapped children as the compassionate choice.

Did you get that? From placing a pillow over a childs face…to getting rid of a couple of cells. In her world, its all the same. It’s what “any good mother would do.”

You almost have to watch the video twice to truly grasp the horror of her dispassionate defense of the murder of children in the name of the elimination of suffering. The other guest gasps in awe. Even the host, whom I admittedly know nothing about, appears poised to move on to the next guest, before doing a double take at the “horrifying thing…” she just heard.

Are we shocked? Will mainstream media outlets report this? Wait…some are…and they are defending her! This side of the pond, Glenn Beck is also covering it.

Don’t hold your breath, but if you are up for it, perhaps a note to Sunday Independent editor Tristan Davies could prick some consciences. You can write her at

If you live in the UK and have some ideas on how we can express our outrage effectively, please let us know.



  • Bono95

    So according to this mind set, Richard III wasn’t really a murderer, but a kind, caring, and benevolent uncle when he supposedly ordered his nephews to be suffocated in their beds? Or, assuming that he really did command their deaths, is he still a monster because he has the unfortunate curse of being neither the princes’ mother nor a woman at all? Or are all women of Virginia Ironside’s ilk murderers without crowns, kingdoms, or horses?

  • Elizabeth

    Feast of The Blessed Virgin’s Maternity,
    A.D. 10/11/2010,

    This woman has no conscience. She
    has little concept of right and wrong.
    She is not Christian in any sense of
    the word and does not grasp that pain
    and suffering actually have a value,
    which transcends the natural to the
    supernatural. She thinks that all
    suffering is bad and should be stopped
    at all costs, even to committing
    murder to do so. This is what the
    Hemlock Society advocates for people,
    but usually they do not have the
    gall to say that this should be done
    to children, as they know how Americans
    value their children, which they allow
    to leave the womb alive.

    We began with contraception, which is
    anti-God – it was outlawed in all
    Christian countries from 313 A.D. until
    A.D. 1930, when the Lambeth Anglican
    Conference in England allowed it in
    restricted circumstances. Well, the
    “slippery slope” was taken, and, as
    soon as “contraception” is legalized,
    the baby, which comes along when the
    contraceptive/abortifacient fails, is
    no longer human – “it’s” an accident,
    which has to be eliminated.

    From chemical abortion through the
    regular birth control pill or “patch”
    or Norplant or IUD, etc., to surgical
    abortion to infanticide to murder
    of any other at any stage of life
    for any reason, including for putting
    an end to suffering – it is all of a
    piece, and there is no logic in
    saying that it is not.

    May God save us from ourselves!

    In Charity,



  • Priscilla Mainhart

    True love is unconditional. We have to be of service to others in order to make their lives better – more comfortable, ease their pain and distress, acknowledge their dignity and worth as unique human beings; a trusted companion who give them peace and comfort until their time die. Love is not a feeling! Love is a gift where we treasure the beloved; and a suffering daughter, son, aged mother or father are our beloved. This woman has displaced compassion ruled by her cowardly feelings. It seems what she dreads worse than seeing her child suffer is the inconvenience, time and effort required of her. Smothering this child would end the necessity of all this. Then, she could continue with her life unburdened. Motherhood demands and always will demand unconditional love for our human race to thrive.

  • Richard Clifford

    I just tried to send a message to Ms. Davies at the Independent, and I get this error message: no such user. I think he/she is blocking me outta their email!



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