Unborn Sibling Rivalry? No, Unborn Human Life!

Lots of people are sharing this amazing video of two twins jostling inside their mother’s womb as she receives an MRI exam:

The line explaining this video as “sibling rivalry starts early–even before birth.”

No, NO, NO!

The simple reality depicted by this video is that unborn human beings are … human beings.

Human beings who can feel cramped, human beings who like to spread out. Human beings who kick, wiggle and move about.

Our President thinks these two unborn human beings can be exterminated if their mother decides she doesn’t want them anymore. Hundreds of politicians, media pundits and entertainers agree that these little human beings have no right to life.

This isn’t a story about “sibling rivalry.”

It’s a tragic tale about our culture’s choice to ignore the obvious.



  • Elephant

    So, why is murder, murder once they are in the world? Why not just say you can kill anyone, anytime if you want to! And why is it double homicide to kill a woman who is pregnant? Ridiculous. Life begins the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg. Tired of the double standards and hypocrisy.

  • abadilla

    “This isn’t a story about “sibling rivalry.” I presume to pro-choicers, this is just all it is. To those of us who think human life is sacred, this is a scientific display of the humanity of the unborn.



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