Update: Arch. of DC decries “Catholics for Equality”, says “not a Catholic organization”

Catholics For Equality – an organization I sounded the alarm about about last week – is hosting an event at Georgetown University tonight (which I will be attending).

The Archdiocese of Washington has today responded to a false claim circulated by the Rainbow Sash Movement that this event is happening with the permission of the Archdiocese:

The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington has reaffirmed the illegitimate status of Catholics for Equality, a budding homosexualist “Catholic” group that is scheduled to host a student event at Georgetown University on Wednesday evening.

The archdiocesan statement followed a statement from the Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM), another “Catholic” homosexualist group, which had claimed in a press release that D.C. Cardinal Donald Wuerl had explicitly allowed Catholics for Equality to appear at Georgetown.

“The Rainbow Sash Movement wishes to congratulate Cardinal Wuerl of the Archidocese of Washington for siding with common sense and reason” by condoning the event, stated the Rainbow Sash press release, entitled “Gay Catholics welcome Cardinal’s (sic) Wuerl’s Change of Heart on Gay Rights.”

Susan Gibbs, communications director for the Archdiocese of Washington, called the Rainbow Sash press release a “nice piece of fiction” and asserted that Catholics for Equality was not a legitimate Catholic organization.

“Putting the label ‘Catholic’ on a group doesn’t make it Catholic,” Gibbs told LifeSiteNews.com. “It’s not a Catholic organization. It was formed in opposition to Catholic teaching.” [LifeSiteNews]

I am very pleased to see that the Archdiocese is taking steps to ensure that Catholics are not confused and further misled by the efforts of Catholics for Equality and the Rainbow Sash Movement.

Time permitting I will be posting updates from the debate tonight on my Twitter account. Those who wish to watch the debate after it has concluded may (hold their nose) and do so at the Catholics for Equality website.



  • guest

    And yet the archdiocese rolled over and no longer gives spousal benefits for new employees so they don’t violate the district’s new law that demands benefits for homosexual couples. They could have put up a legal fight – it would have been the perfect opportunity to have such laws declared unconstitutional because they lack a religious exemption. Instead they did nothing, and treat the marriages of new employees as equal to homosexual unions.

    It’s a travesty this man was made a cardinal after capitulating to the beginning persecution. The Holy Spirit has His work cut out for Him if this man is expected to be capable of voting for a new pope someday.

  • ZeroProfit

    I think we all ought to
    1. Stop throwing stones
    2. Acting like 7th graders
    3. Read the Catechism, which preaches love in the face of homosexuality. Love, prayer, and gentle encouragement.

    All this article does is further estrange the church from groups seeking reform, rather than build bridges with intercessory prayer and gentle love.

    Look at us all, don’t we just know what’s best. Read the haughty way in which this article is written (rather, the haughty way ALL of this author’s posts are), and reflect on these things silently in prayer and meditation before hitting “post”.

    Lord, pity us, that we may come to you as children with love and seeking wisdom.

    • Irishtroubadour

      Well God gave the author of this blog a brain and common sense to use. ZeroProfit, a group seeking reform that goes against Church teaching? Prayer and gentle love only go so far, then you have to get off your knees and use the gifts God gave you to fight the good fight. When people lie, you correct them. I don’t think Mr. Peters did this in a haughty way, he simply stated the facts. Truth is hard sometimes, and it definatly hurts. That’s what makes us grow. I would think that you would agree that the Rainbow sash movement shouldn’t lie and if they do, they should be corrected.

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