UPDATE: Columbus Diocese Remains Resolute, Lesbian Teacher Basks in Spotlight

The Columbus Dispatch reports that after meeting with the principal of Bishop Watterson High School, Carla Hale gave a press conference to her fawning supporters in the media vowing to “continue her fight” against the Catholic Church. Far from being a private matter between two consenting adults, Hale has elevated this issue to a public debate precisely because of her own actions, first by publishing her relationship in an obituary, then by going to the media (a full month later) to publicize her story, and now by antagonizing the diocese and school while they are prevented from commenting on the matter not only by human resources policy, but also good taste.

LifeSiteNews reports that the terms of employment which were approved by the union that represents Carla Hale explicitly forbid this kind of posturing: “A contract may be terminated at any time for gross inefficiency or immorality, for serious unethical conduct, or for willful and/or persistent violations of reasonable regulations of the school or the Diocesan Office of Catholic Schools.” Many disagree with the Catholic Church regarding the morality of same-sex unions, but surely they cannot disagree that lying to your employer for 19 years and then abruptly denouncing them in public is grossly immoral and seriously unethical.

Only royal trumpeters should toot their own horn. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Only royal trumpeters should toot their own horn. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

The Catholic Church teaches that people with homosexual feelings fully deserve human dignity and compassion. However, the media frenzy that Hale is all too happy to keep feeding is the very definition of willful and persistent violation of Catholic teaching. In the Gospel, Jesus admonishes his disciples against such public displays, “When you give alms, do not blow a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets to win the praise of others. Amen, I say to you, they have received their reward.”

Meanwhile, the principal and other employees of the school have received threatening emails and phone calls from Hale’s supporters. From Hale’s handling of this case, it is clear she is aggressively pushing an agenda that goes beyond simply getting her job back. Even if the school wanted to bring her back, how could they possibly do so now with the media circus and angry mob following on her heels? Far from being contrite and resolving to sin no more, Hale is poisoning whatever sympathy might have remained for her from her former employer.

The invective and demagoguery surrounding this case is typical. All who defend Catholic teaching are derided as hypocrites, bigots, and simply mean-spirited. How wounding these criticisms must be to the heart of Bishop Campbell and the employees of the Diocese of Columbus and Watterson High School who so deeply love the Church and seek the best for all God’s children. Pray for them. Write them a letter to show your support. Thank them for their steadfastness and their courage in defense of the Catholic faith. Unlike Hale, these good servants of God’s people do not seek earthly recognition, but it couldn’t hurt to let them know they are not alone amidst the storm and fury of anti-Catholic persecution which is becoming so fashionable in our time.

  • Mark

    Joshua, you should research the Catholic position on public prayer before knocking down a Methodist. Here is a link to a recent Lenten season bulletin from Immaculate Conception parish promoting the Parrish’s participation in a public prayer in front of a women’s health clinic. IC grade school feeds into Bishop Watterson High and a Deacon in the parish teaches theology at BWHS.

    I await your apology.


    • Slats

      Sorry, Mark, could you please explain the relevance of your comments? I don’t understand the point you are trying to make.

  • Theo

    None sense. Ms. Hale wants money. Simple. She was in a traditional marriage when she first signed a legal contract to be employed by Bishop Watterson High School. She proceeded to divorce, enter a lesbian tyrist and begin her breach of her teaching contract with the Diocese of Columbus. Ms. Carla Hale has lied throughout her 19 years at Bishop Watterson. She even admitted on television that she used “gender neutral” name for her other friend. Which admits publicly that she knew she was defrauding the Bishop Watterson community. No false niceties will bridge her years of lies, deception and deceit. The poor naive students and former alumni need to face the facts. They were used and abused for a political stunt. Ms. Carla Hale come clean with the reality of your lies.

    • Mia

      Where did you read or hear about Ms. Hale being married, divorced, and then living with her partner while at this school?

  • Natalie

    The tone of this article is appalling and withholds facts. Mainly that Carla Hale has expressed disapproval at the threats that have been coming in. Hardly someone who is enjoying the limelight as you imply. She lost her mother and the “compassion” she was shown was to lose her job. As a Catholic myself, I think that is shameful. Her personal life has nothing to do with her life as an educator. Having worked there for 18 years, it would seem safe to assume she was doing a good job. Also, I would be upset if I had a child in this school since the lesson here is not compassion, but discrimination and hate.

    • Theo

      The only one causing hate and division is Ms. Hale and her radical hateful gay activists.

    • Antonio A. Badilla

      “Her personal life has nothing to do with her life as an educator”

      Natalie, this is where you are totally wrong. As a Catholic educator I’m not just teaching a subject, I’m teaching a way of life, a Catholic way of life, and I can’t do that if I contradict with my life what I claim to teach in my classroom.
      No one argues with the performance of her job or even with her sexual orientation. What the bishop upholds, in HIS diocese, is that a Catholic educator must uphold not just with her lips but by example a Catholic way of life, and that is simply impossible under these circumstances.
      What is appalling is not the tone of this article but your utter failure to understand Catholic moral teaching.

  • Ben

    Never feed the (Catholic) trolls.


    Joshua – The video you linked to shows a woman not “basking in the spotlight.” but rather someone who mourns her mom, has a child graduating from college and now lost her job with no warning.

    Since I’ve self disclosed as much as anyone posting here, may I ask you why you are so focused on this and expressing no compassion for, and personalizing your arguments against Ms. Hale? – Thanks, Greg

    • Theo

      Reality. Ms. Hale has openly stated she knew of the contractual language in which she agreed to as a condition of employment. Ms. Hale now wants the public to think she is an innocent victim. Baloney! She has blatantly lied and deceived many in her self absorbed lifestyle. Christ-like? Ms. Hale nonsense. As Jesus said, SIN NO MORE Carla. And quit your incessant whining.

    • Antonio A. Badilla

      Greg, “now lost her job with no warning.”

      And she warned her school she was living a life inconsistent with what is expected of teachers at a Catholic school?

  • Gail

    One of the Most eloquent and poignant letters on morality! http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2013/04/while-were-on-topic.html … … …



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