Update: Second and Third Dem ANTI-CATHOLIC mailers discovered!

I wrote about this story yesterday. It appears that the Democrat party of Minnesota really had some fun thinking of inventive ways to use our Catholic faith and symbols to smear a candidate…

Notice once again how this Democrat state party is perfectly happy to use religious arguments – when they believe it supports their party. When others attempt to bring faith into the public square? “Separation of Church and State!” becomes their mantra.

Several folks in the comments to my first post on this story complained that I was unfairly characterized the ads as “anti-Catholic.” Whatever the intention behind the Democrat officials who created the ad, the clear impression given by the photo chosen was one of a Catholic priest (by far the vast majority of clerics who wear a Roman Collar are, in fact, Catholic priests).

Still have doubts? Look at the third mailing:

Come on! A high altar? A St. Anthony statue?! Case closed.

A local news team tried to find more answers about the first mailer (print story here):

As a quick reminder to Minnesota Catholics who are steamed about this Democrat state party smear campaign, the Republican Governor in this race – Tom Emmer, is a faithful Catholic who missed a campaign debate because he wanted to celebrate his son’s first Communion. The Democrats in the state criticized him for missing it, and even when they discovered the reason, never apologized.

Vote Emmer and let the MN Democrats remember this the next time they decide to go after Catholics.



  • Kay

    It is Catholic imagery because protestants are strictly opposed to physical images representing saints. Either the person who made the postcards is ignorant of protestant theology and groups all Christian imagery together or they intentionally picked Catholic pictures for a reason. Most Republicans are for big business and giving tax breaks to the rich. BUT I usually vote for them because they are pro-life and pro-traditional family. Sadly, both parties are not moral. As a Catholic, one has to pick the better “evil” and those who are pro-life will always be the better.

  • Therese

    I think all of the excuses people are trying to make for this ad are deplorable. We all know ads are designed to get someone’s attention and get a message across – quickly. That precludes reading and analyzing it for actual truth. It is anti-catholic because the first thought it inspires immediately brings a negative view of the Catholic Church. It was intended to be anti-catholic. THose who would argue otherwise either have their heads in the sand, or they are part of the anti-catholic bigotry.

  • Kippy

    The political ad is in the realm of hate expression or hate speech. In any context other than Christian it would have been met with outrage. This double standard persists and clearly illustrates the “negative” or “hateful” behaviour of the socialist left toward Christianity which, historically speaking, is its greatest enemy. Conclusion: Socialists are “slow learners”. Maybe they’ll catch on in a gazillion years!!!!

  • Reneeca

    These campaign ads are the worst form of advertisement to use. Not only are they ineffective but they are offensive to many! A definte no vote for any candidate who would stoop so low as to offend the sensibilies of many people. Not only that , but a stupid move!

  • Vermont Crank

    There really are far too many Catholic Eloi for our own good. The average Catholic Eloi can not even admit they are being attacked when they are being attacked.




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